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The Invaders Plan A monumental work acclaimed as agenuine masterpiece L Ron Hubbard smillion word ten volume MISSION EARTH dekalogy brilliantly blends science fiction and action adventure on a vast interstellar scale with stinging satire in the literary tradition of Voltaire, Swift and Orwell on the world s foibles and fanciesA true publishing phenomenon precedent setting when each volume, in turn, became a New York Times and then an international bestseller MISSION EARTH has already sold than five million copies and continues to appear on bestseller lists in contries throghout the worldWinner of France s CosmosAward and the Nova Science Fiction Award in Italy, and nominated for a Hugo Award, MISSION EARTH is an epic narrative of a secret invasion of Earth as seen and vividly recounted by the aliens who, unrecognized, already live and work among us It is a novel crowded with sharply memorable characters and with places and events cloaked in splendor, menace and mystery Palace City, Joy City, the forbidden prison fortress of Spiteos, the violent fall of the Voltar ConfederationThe Voltar Confederation has a long range plan to use Earth as a strategic staging area in its continuing conquest of the galaxy However, with the discovery that Earth is being destroyed by pollution, drugs and other menaces, Combat Engineer Jettero Heller is sent on a top secret mission to save the planet from self destruction Unknown to Heller, another Voltarian faction the Coordinated Information Apparatus has secretly been using Earth as a supply base for drugs It dispatches its own counter mission to thwart Heller s plans

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  1. Jean-marcel Jean-marcel says:

    Surprisingly, this book is probably harmless, and actually a hell of a lot of fun That said, the conceit and hubris that went into this sprawling, epic series as a whole, supposedly delivered in a crate of papers as a single manuscript to Hubbard s publisher, is still astronomical, and I never did read beyond the second book Judging from titles and brief exerpts I ve read, they getandoverblown

  2. Victor Digiovanni Victor Digiovanni says:

    When I first came across this series, I had no idea who L.Ron Hubbard was, but I HAD read Battlefield Earth and thought it was good So I was looking forward to this series withthan a little eagerness.It did not disappoint until the last half of the tenth book.This book series is one of the most hilarious things I ve ever read The plot gymnastics a previous reviewer mentioned are the things that

  3. Rindis Rindis says:

    I admit, I was taken in by the hype To my defense, the name L Ron Hubbard was only vaguely known to me as a recently deceased past SF great, and Dianetics was merely the exploding volcano on throughly ignored commercials.The idea of a 10 volume SF epic and the individual volumes are by no means short had me skeptical, but I was willing to see what he had to say A well orchestrated promotional ca

  4. Aura Aura says:

    This was recommended to me by an ex boyfriend who thought it was great He d made excellent reading suggestions previously so I truly believed I was in for one awesome giant science fiction orgy of awesome in ten volumes Instead I got offensive two dimensional characters, a plot like a stagnant pond and the author bragging in the introduction about how he dragged this opus out for 1.2 MILLION word

  5. Andrew St. Andrew St. says:

    Like so many reviewers of this work, I was in Junior High when I read the series Being the ghost of a kid I was in school I naturally sympathized with Soltan Gris and his envy for Jett When he succeeded in parts of his plan, I would cheer for him and when he did badly, I d want to punch him in the shoulder The book is very drawn out and seems to conspire a replacement for real life during the read

  6. Jim Neville Jim Neville says:

    I started to read this 10 book series decades ago, but never finished it This was before digital books and , so I found myself unable to find the last five books at a reduced price I was very poor back then Now that I have the entire set, and am willing to devote the time required, I plan to read the entire series.Future Edit I have read the entire series Please, please, please do not waste your ti

  7. A B A B says:

    I just registered with Good Reads for the first time and thought I d take a little journey down memory lane so I did a search of the first book that came to mind which I read many years ago and it was Mission Earth The Invaders plan I read all 10 volumes First, let me say that this is one of those stories that one either loves or hates with few feelings in between Just take a look at the reviews fro

  8. Megan Pawlak Megan Pawlak says:

    I was introduced to this series as a kid when my parents had a copy of the audio drama on cassette I finally got to read the first one as an adult This is the only way I can describe it it follows the doings of an idiot villain, Soltan Gris, who acts as if he is the best villain in the world and tries to convince you that he is actually the hero Basically it s a satire, although the first book takes

  9. Stinkdaddydoo Stinkdaddydoo says:

    Absolutely horrible dialog.Insipid, clumsy, and annoyingly frequent attempts at humor.Groan worthy puns.I was curious as to how a science fiction author could also have founded a relatively successful modern religion and so I decided to sample some of his work Shock was my primary reaction as I plowed through page after page of mediocre hack work and pulp devoid of anything that makes science fiction

  10. Adam Thielen Adam Thielen says:

    I can understand why people like to hate on this book and the series in general There s a lot to dislike It s fairly sexist, and it doesn t deserve to be considered science fictionlike pulp fiction , and its message of environmentalism and criticism of the war on drugs is pretty obvious.The Good However, there sthan that here Granted I was very young when I read this series yes, all ten , but look at s

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