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A Spy in the Struggle Success used to be this savvy lawyer’s only rule But now she’s putting everything on the line to bring a killer corporation to justiceSince childhood, Yolanda Vance has forged her desire to escape poverty into a laserlike focus that took her through prep school and Harvard Law So when her prestigious New York law firm is raided by the FBI, Yolanda turns in her corrupt bosses to save her career—and goes to work for the Bureau Soon she’s sent undercover at Red, Black, and Green—an AfricanAmerican “extremist” activist group back in her California college town They claim a biotech corporation fueled by Pentagon funding is exploiting the neighborhood But Yolanda is determined to put this assignment in her win column, head back to corporate law, and regain her comfortable life…Until an unexpected romance opens her heart—and a suspicious death opens her eyes Menacing dark money forces will do anything to bury Yolanda and the movement Fueled by memories of who she once was—and what once really mattered most—how can she tell those who’ve come to trust her that she’s been spying? As the stakes escalate, and one misstep could cost her life, Yolanda will have to choose between betraying the cause of her people or invoking the wrath of the country’s most powerful law enforcement agency Remember on Friday when I said I was looking forward to reading this over the weekend? Well, I ended up reading the first half in one sitting Friday night—until that pesky thing of needing sleep happened—and finishing it Saturday morning, hence why I’m starting my raving about a December book in August It’s very good and worth the prebuy and letting your library know you want them to have it.Aya de León never fails to create excellent characters while bringing communities, and their different voices and complexities, to life Yolanda Vance is a Type A personality who has done nothing but focus on school and work until she finds herself handing in evidence during a raid of her law firm and becoming a pariah in the legal field With that path blown up, she ends up hired by the FBI as a lawyer Before she can settle in, she’s given an undercover assignment she has no training for—because she’s all they have in the form of a young Black agent who can relate to teens She isn’t that confident about her ability to blend in seeing as she’s never felt she fit in anywhere; but she has a positivethinkingbook’s lessons always at the ready and never quits, so off she goes from NY to California.The assignment is to bug the center of Red, Black, and Green!, a teen activist group the FBI has labeled as extremist, while volunteering for the group and reporting back what she learns While she struggles to keep her opinions to herself—that anyone who doesn’t like their situation can just work hard enough to change it—she also learns a few interesting things: that a recent overdose isn’t believed by the community to be an OD, that the informant who came before her was murdered, that she may not be as antilove as she thought, and that many of her beliefs are about to be challenged.We get to know Yolanda as she gets to know the FBI team, her new Red, Black, and Green! team, a suitor, and through memories of her childhood with her widowed mother and her years at a prep school and then law school We also get to know the community fighting against the governmenttied corporation that RBG! is protesting and the hilarious, creative, and smart teens making their voices heard, along with the rookie cop who found the OD in question, and adult coordinators of RBG! I absolutely loved the characters, story, and the bonus of a few shexytime scenes Add this to the list of fantastic moldbreaking spy novels like American Spy and the Vera Kelly series I’m always here forde León novels and would be thrilled forYolanda Vance—this could easily be a series, and I would totally be here for that! (TW drug overdose, talk of addiction/ brief past mention of childonchild attempted sexual assault)from Book Riot's Unusual Suspects newsletter: Probably 3.5 but I'm rounding it up because after this book I'd love to readfrom the author Interesting plot about a whistleblower turned FBI agent, who's sent back to her old neighbourhood because a black militant group of teenagers has been causing some trouble with a big biotech corp but all might not be what it seems Being a rookie agent, not only is she still figuring her job out, but she still has a lot of baggage and trauma from her past that bleeds into her life and relationships The author does a great job of developing a complex character, and an interesting story line The plot is relatively fast paced, but without sacrificing the story The secondary characters were also intriguing but some of their story's felt halfformed like I wanted to knowabout them Also I did get a bit of instlove vibe, but 'imma forgive it this time because they were grown and hella curte This is a quick and easy story to get into read it! I'm not an American, I'm not black and I don't belong to any kind of minority where I live but I've always had a heart for minorities As far as I can tell, this novel by Aya de Léon gives great insight into a community I don't know much about.The most interesting part of this novel was the character development, how insight will change your mind The love story was a nice bonus, but the main focus was on Yolanda's inner struggle between her ambitions as a lawyer, now FBI agent undercover, and her new found friends.With all this said, the main storyline about the FBI's meddling to support a criminal business corporation is a really suspenseful thriller.All in all a gripping combination of social criticism, milieu study, love story and spy thriller.

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