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The Glamourist (The Vine Witch, #2) I liked The Vine Witch I may have turned a blind eye to its flaws because I was in the right mood for a slower, cozier read Once its standalone sequel, The Glamourist, appeared on my NetGalley feed, I grabbed a copy and started reading.The book focuses on Yvette Lenoir, an orphaned, untrained witch, pursued for a murder she has committed as a young girl She wants to discover her ancestry and learn magic After confronting her adoptive mother, she receives a mysterious book that gets her into trouble.Conveniently, Elena Boureanu, the Vine Witch, happens to visit Paris and becomes Yvette s mentor The story is fast paced and enjoyable, but I found the plot predictable and lacking in suspense Too much of everything relied on convenience, a happy coincidence, and unexplained magic.The Vine Witch series became quite popular, and it doesn t surprise me It s well written, with the right amount of action, romance, and drama plus likable characters Worth a read, especially if you re looking for a lighter kind of story but with darker moments. A Spellbinding Novel Of Bloodlines, Self Discovery, And Redemption By The Author Of The Washington Post Bestseller The Vine WitchAbandoned As A Child In Turn Of The Century Paris, Yvette Lenoir Has Longed To Uncover The Secrets Of Her Magical Heritage And Tap Her Suppressed Powers But What Brave And Resourceful Yvette Has Done To Survive The Streets Has Made Her A Fugitive With A Price On Her Head, She Clings To A Memento From Her Past What She Believes To Be A Grimoire Inherited From The Mother She Never Knew To Unlock The Secrets Of Her Past, Yvette Trusts In One Woman To Help Solve The Arcane Riddles Among Its Charmed PagesElena Boureanu Is The Vine Witch Of Ch Teau Renard, Noted For Its Renowned Wines Even As She Struggles With Her Own Bloodline And Its Poisonous Threat To Her Future Elena Can T Ignore A Friend On The Run Joined By A Cunning Thief, The Proprietor Of An Enchanted Curio Shop, And A Bewitching Black Cat, Elena And Yvette Are Determined To Decode Yvette S Mysterious Keepsake But What Restless Magic Will Be Unleashed And What Are Yvette And Elena Willing To Risk To Become The Witches They Were Destined To Be More witches, Paris, painters, s ances, goblins, a brilliant cat, and F e Also view spoiler Yvette is back hide spoiler I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I feel that I am being generous with this three star rating it honestly is closer to two stars I liked the first book in this series It was a nice cozy read, and one that I enjoyed I wasn t sure what to expect when I was going into this book I had assumed it was going to be similar to the first book, and in some ways it was, but in other ways it was very different I will admit that I zoned out part of the book I got a little bored with it it wasn t holding my attention the further I read I really tried, but even as I read I never felt as if I were missing anything The plot was overall lackluster to me, and the characters were too I wasn t invested in them in the least In fact, the only one I was somewhat interested in was Elena I liked her in the first book, and I liked her in this one I thought the writing was nice, but the pacing left a lot to be desired Overall, it was an okay book, but not one I loved I think The Vine Witch would have done well as a standalone. Pros Fantasy Varied characters Female empowerment All character prespectives given Birth mystery, magic mysteryCons Confusing No good introduction to the world Even though I had read the prequel, it felt confusing Yvette s character got me puzzled.Thanks to Net Galley for providing a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest opinion 3.5 stars I received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own This is ultimately a story of self discovery, for Elena and Yvette, with a magical undertone I liked the setting of the book with small jibes to things I recognize, like the Eiffel Tower The cat was a nice touch because I love animals I enjoyed how Elena and Yvette s fates were intertwined and their separate journeys of self discovery The descriptions in this book were as beautiful and vivid as The Vine Witch I felt like I was walking the streets, seeing and smelling the same things as each character.One thing I didn t love was the voice of the novel Something about the way the point of views were written was off putting I also would have liked a better explanation of Yvette s magic and the things revolving her magic spoilers.Overall, an enjoyable, light read. received a free copy from netgalley for honest review I waited what felt like forever to read The Vine Witch so when I saw this was read now for me on netgalley I knew I had to get it I ll admit I wasn t sure where this book was going to go but I really loved the direction it did I read this book pretty quickly because I just didn t want to put it down so I plan on rereading it in a few months but great book great series This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own The Glamourist Vine Witch 2 by Luanne G Smith Luanne G Smith has done it once again in the, The Glamourist, book two in The Vine Witch Series This book is next installment, and you won t be disappointed A absolutely spellbinding historical fiction seeped in magical realism A captivating storyline of self discovery This stunning storyline is follows Elena s journey of being a vine witch and her new friend Yvette.Yvette Lenoir was abandoned as a small child on streets of Paris Where survival has made her a fugitive, and price on her head Seeking answers to past, the only thing that she has from her childhood is a Grimoire, a book of shadows Yvette needs help deciphering the meaning of the Ancient Arcane riddles of the grimoire Believing that the book is from her mother, and hoping to unlock the secrets of her past The book might give her insight to her lineage and clues to unlocking her dormant powers Elana and Yvette, With cunning thief, the proprietor of an enchanted shop Let s not forget a bewitching black cat, adds to this cast of amazing characters.This perfectly passed tale, and it s incredible setting along with Smith s seamless writing capabilities is not one you want to miss Rich in atmospheric details, this lovely historical fiction is sprinkled with magical realism A treasured favorite, that has right amount of romance.A lovely addition to anyone s bookshelf I definitely recommend this engaging book, to my family and friends I will be updating my review closer to release Sci fi isn t my normal genre but I read the first book in this series and loved it so was interested to read this second story and I was pleased it was about a character I found interesting in the first one but this one just didn t hold my interest as much this time around I wanted action Plus I didn t really want any follow up from the couple of the 1st book besides the basic info to know they re doing well Thanks for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. An enjoyable deep dive into the world of witches and magic so clearly established in The Vine Witch This time we follow Yvette, who s searching Paris for the secrets of her heritage When we finally uncover the truth, it comes as a great unexpected twist Elegant writing and a host of loveable characters make this a satisfying follow up to Book 1.

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Luanne G Smith is the author of THE VINE WITCH, a fantasy novel about witches, wine, and revenge set in early 20th century France, and the forthcoming second book in the series, THE GLAMOURIST Shes lucky enough to live in Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, a glass of wine at the end of the day, and finding the magic in everyday

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