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Easy Newborn Care Tips: Proven Parenting Tips For Your Newborn's Development, Sleep Solution and Complete Feeding Guide (Positive Parenting Book One) was a great read by Lisa Marshall This book helps give you tips to take care of your newborn baby This was a great guide for taking care of your newborn. Are you prepared to take care of your newborn baby? Even though babies don't come with stepbystep guides, we've got you covered! You may be faced with hundreds of parenting decisions in the first year about sleeping, nourishing and caring for your babyHow often should you feed your newborn baby? This is a simple question but you'd be surprised how many new moms get it wrong!How can I make sure my baby is sleeping as safely as possible?Are my newborn's sleep patterns normal?Why is my baby crying?How often should I bath my baby?How can I help my baby bond with me?When will I sleep through the night?!?How can I deal with the stress and exhaustion of being a new parent?You need someone to guide you step by step in the process of getting ready for a baby and everything that comes after so that you're not totally caught off guard!This book will give you the tools you need to put your best foot forward on the journey of being a parent helping even the most nervous firsttime parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no timeAnd truthfully, whether it's your first or fourth baby, there are questions and different problems that can arise each time!Wouldn't it be better to have a guide that summarized that research into practical, bitesized tips on the subject, rather than still make those numerous phone calls to the hospital lactation nurse or your pediatrician, unsure if you are doing it right?A guide for the essential practices of uptodate evidencebased information about newborn baby care where the pages are divided into useful section based on specific needs and situations so that you can refer to them directlyIf this book had been available with my first child, I would've taken it in a heartbeat!What's in it for you? A complete guide to breastfeeding and bottle feeding, in the least amount of time I'll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it How to understand your newborn child's behavior and respond correctly, even if this is your first experience with a newborn baby The quickest way to interpret your baby's crying and find the best solution to soothe them before it gets even intense and make them irretrievably nervous Tap into a goldmine of healthy habits during your child's early development What to do and what to avoid to let the biological wellbeing of the baby develop on its own Healthy bedtime routine This will benefit your child from a young age, helping them and the other members of your family too to get sleep at night! How to cut down on your expenses and get the stuff you actually need for your gift registry Using this list, several parents saved hundreds of dollars Having a bad time with colic? Can't soothe it? It's not your faulthere's why How to avoid the mistakes that lead to SIDS% of cases happen within the firstmonths, and there are a few things you can do to avoid this riskAnd much INSTANT ACCESS to the same tried and tested techniques that have not only proven effective for me, but for thousands of other moms who have also used these tips with great successScroll up and click on Add to Cart button! Easy Newborn Care Tips: Proven Parenting Tips For Your Newborn's Development, Sleep Solution And Complete Feeding Guide

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Hello! I'm Lisa Marshall, a parenting coach and communication expert turned stay at home mom to two kids Right now, I am on a mission to empower parents to connect meaningfully with their children through positive parenting strategies and purposeful play activities I share nuggets of brain tips mixed with effective communication tools and hope to inspire you to enjoy parenthood while you parent

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