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In the Deep I hope you don t find him And if you do, I hope he s dead and that he sufferedReal estate mogul Martin Cresswell Smith is the best thing that has ever happened to Ellie After her daughter s devastating death, a divorce, and an emotional breakdown, he s helped her move as far as possible from the grief, the rage, and the monsters of her past Ellie imagines her new home with Martin in an Australian coastal town will be like living a fairy tale But behind closed doors is another story one that ends in Martin s brutal murder And Ellie seems almost relieved Naturally, everyone thinks Mrs Cresswell Smith is guiltySenior Constable Lozza Bianchi has reasonable doubt She sees evidence of a twisted psychological battle and a couple who seemed to bring out the worst in each other adultery, abuse, betrayal, and revenge If anything Ellie says can be believed, that is As the case takes twist after spiraling twist, Lozza can t shake the gut instinct that she s being manipulated That Ellie is hiding something That there are secrets yet to surface Lozza has no idea

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  1. Ceecee Ceecee says:

    Don t you just love it when a book has several twists you don t see coming This book is soooo good This is the story of the Cresswell Smiths The action starts in Sydney at the trial for the murder of Martin Cresswell Smith and then backtracks to the story of Martin meeting his future wife Ellie in Vancouver in 2019 The story is told from the point of view of Ellie, policewoman Lozza inte

  2. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥ Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥ says:

    Author Loreth Anne White has gifted readers with another complex, compulsive five star psychological thriller Go ahead and pre order In The Deep today as it s destined to be that book the one everyone s raving about upon release in the Fall of 2020 From the courtroom in which heiress Mrs Cresswell Smith stands accused of the cold hearted, grim murder of her husband Martin to the gruesome crim

  3. Maureen Carden Maureen Carden says:

    I m going to do two things I usually don t do in reviews I m going to start with the end of the book and compare it to another book When a friend of mine finished lets call the book, LBL she called me screaming about the ending I received similar calls from other books club members They could not wait for our meeting to ask me if what they were reading was what they actually were reading.I had the

  4. Malina Skrobosinski Malina Skrobosinski says:

    Loreth Anne White could write an instruction manual and I would read it Quite honestly, it would probably be the best written instruction manual ever No one does descriptive writing quite like Loreth Anne White When you read a Loreth Anne White novel, you ARE THERE You become transfixed, you feel the wind blowing through your hair, the salt water misting your face, the sun heating your skin I don t kno

  5. Maranda Maranda says:

    Another great suspense crime drama by Loreth Anne White Its detective Lozza Bianchi on the trail of of Mrs Martin Cresswell Smith for the murder of her husband Did she do it Great Twists and Turns on these pages A copy of this book was provided by Montlake via Netgalley with no requirements for a review Comments here are my honest opinion.

  6. Ros Guggi Ros Guggi says:

    In the Deep is a fiendishly clever tale of psychological suspense It s a propulsive story about deceit and betrayal set in Australia, featuring memorable characters with dangerous secrets A rich woman with substance abuse issues is an unreliable narrator who meets the man of her dreams But nothing is as it appears in this story which has delicious twists and turns and an ending you won t see coming White s power

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Wow Boy, oh boy I did not see that one coming In The Deep was a psychological thrill ride from start to finish The ultimate gaslight that will leave you thinking about it long after you close the book Loreth Anne White has delivered once again That s why her books are always a must read

  8. Alicia Alicia says:

    In the Deep is a thrilling read that is packed with twists and turns Ellie meets Martin after some life changing events and quickly falls into a fast paced relationship with him They both soon come to realize that the other person is harboring some secrets The Australian coastal town that they move to gives a small town feel and seems very charming It s easy to understand why some secrets are harder to keep as secrets the

  9. Aimee Whiteley Aimee Whiteley says:

    I received an ARC of this book so that I could review it, and I am SO glad that I did I can always count on Loreth Anne White to grab my attention within the first few sentences I can also count on her to surprise me, keep me guessing, and keep me turning those pages right to the very last word In the Deep is no exception and I was NOT let down One of the things that I love best about White s writing is the way she creates ima

  10. Cherry London Cherry London says:

    Intense with gripping intrigue in a tight fisted web of deceit and betrayal Framed for her husband s brutal murder, Elle could do nothing but watch as the masses spurted their hatred and anger out at her, making her feel angry and yes impotent But wait a minute, she ain t married, oh boy, this a catastrophe Elle, thought she had lost it all when her daughter died but with the murder of her husband, she soon realized she didn t lose

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