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Before You Go “Hats off to that brave soul daring to write what might be called speculative literary fiction, and willing to venture answers to questions beyond even those of life amp; death Tommy Butler’s debut novel Before You Go has a big beating heart and a mind all its own” — Joshua Ferris, author of The Dinner Party and Then We Came to the EndA big, rich, lifeaffirming debut that explores the most perplexing questions of existence: purpose, the pain of loneliness, the desire for happiness, and the price we pay as we search for fulfillmentIn the Before, humankind is created with a hole in its heart, the designers not realizing their mistake—if it was a mistake—until too lateElliot Chance is just a boy, and knows nothing of this All he knows is that he doesn’t feel at home in this world, and his desire for escape becomes urgent as he grows into adulthood, where the turbulence of life seems to offer no cure for the emptiness Desperate and lost, he stumbles upon a support group on the edge of Manhattan There he meets two other drifting souls—Sasha, a young woman who leaves coded messages in the copy she writes for advertising campaigns, and Bannor, whose detailed depictions of the future make Elliot think he may have actually been there With these two unlikely allies, Elliot launches into the business of life, determined to be happy in spite of himselfYet the hole in the heart is not so easily filledProfound yet playful, Before You Go is a beautiful, imaginative journey into the ache and wonder of being human, and the quest for a meaningful life

About the Author: Tommy Butler

Tommy Butler was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and has since called many places home, including New Hampshire, San Diego, Boston, New York City, and San Francisco A graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, he was a Peter Taylor Fellow at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop and is an alumnus of the Screenwriters Colony His feature screenplay, Etopia, was the winner of Showtime's To

10 thoughts on “Before You Go

  1. Narendra Rocherolle Narendra Rocherolle says:

    Thank you. That was intense and beautiful.

  2. Lucas Ilievskie Lucas Ilievskie says:


    The writing style is gorgeous and I enjoyed the myriad of themes the author explored in the book, but the plot itself felt too insubstantial and hollow for my liking. In the frame story, things would just...happen for no discernible reason.

    Also, I wasn’t in love with any of the characters – the narrator and supporting cast have the collective personality of wall

  3. Sara Alcorn-Luparello Sara Alcorn-Luparello says:

    I think the overarching idea of this book is a phenomenal one, but overall, I found this story hard to follow. This book started off pretty slow and I thought the main character was hard to connect with. The writing was great, and I would love to see this author put out more books.

    Thanks so much to Netgalley and Harper Collins for this Advanced Reader's Copy!

  4. Adefala Teniola Adefala Teniola says:

    The book has made me do a lot of things I will be glad if the author message me

  5. Cait Cait says:

    This is a really beautiful book that explores the human condition and human nature in its many forms. It explores themes of loneliness, yearning to connect, the cost of happiness. The story is very imaginative and moving but not cheesy. I read one review that called it profound and yet playful and those two words, I found, are quite accurate descriptions. Excited to see more from this author. Thanks to Netgalley for my

  6. Madhuri Palaji Madhuri Palaji says:

    Before You Go is a coming of age fiction by Tommy Butler. It has a very unique set up. The book discusses life, finding its purpose, death, dealing with pain and a lot more issues of the entire existence of human beings. 

    We've been lately hearing a lot about the increased feeling of loneliness among people, depression, suicidal thoughts and suicides. This wonderful book is an answer to many questions. The author h

  7. Kyle Kyle says:

    Another great debut for 2020 (As crazy as this year has been). Fair warning, this book hits all the emotions... at least in my opinion.

    But why this book needs to be read: the important lessons and eye-opening moments it brings to the reader's attention. When you go through the many stages of Elliot's life, you totally empathize with this protagonist. Being a child, full of wonder and awe to only have it ripped away by adult

  8. Victoria Colotta Victoria Colotta says:

    My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A candid look at life and death mixed with a unique view on what came before we are who we are.

    What do you say about a book like BEFORE YOU GO? It is one of those rare novels that push the boundaries of how you perceive our existence. It explores so many facets of human emotions while looking at the choices we make.

    What I found most compelling about this story is the realness and the grit wi

  9. Elaine Moore Elaine Moore says:

    Tommy Butler's first novel is ambitious and provocative. It follows the life of Elliot Chance from childhood when he first notices a void or hole in his heart until life's end. While it's Elliot's story we soon realize that he's reflecting on the scope of humanity and the ways in which many people go through life without ever considering their true purpose or the ways of human kindness.

    While the story starts out slow and can be difficult to f

  10. Reena Reena says:

    I always feel kind of bad when I get litfic ARCs, because I feel like I have to read/review them, and I know I'm going to write some version of well written but not for me.

    I had higher than average hopes for this one, because it did have speculative elements, and if it had leaned into just being SF/F I think it could have been something really enjoyable. As it was, I spent the whole time being frustrated that it wasn't...more.

    This is pro

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