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Where am I from? ‘Where am I from?’How do you answer this question, when a child is ‘from’ multiple countries, can speak and understand many languages and is not living in the country they were born in?'All the children of the world united We're going to solve this riddle, they decided'Join the quest and find a universal answer to the question 'Where am I from?'Children from seven countries each have a turn to answer in their own way Each answer is correct, and yet still not the whole picture When the youngest takes his turn, he shares a different view, one that has nothing to do with borders on a mapChildren love to see the diversity of the world that is beautifully portrayed using reallife graffiti art that is unique to this book Adults love the message: we all come from the same place!

10 thoughts on “Where am I from?

  1. Maureen Saguna Maureen Saguna says:

    I love the idea behind 'Where am I from?'. Not only does it answer children's most burning question, but it also manages to introduce different cultures and nationalities with the use of a few well-chosen sentences. The rhythm and repetition throughout will also make it a firm favourite with younger children (and the parents who will have to read it multiple times at bedtime)! This book

  2. Tamara Tamara says:

    I just read Where am I from? Beautiful story... I love the rhyme scheme and the pictures are fantastic - well done!! Such a simple idea, yet it really hit home.

  3. Claire Annette Claire Annette says:

    A group of children come together wondering where they come from. Each child thinks they know. It is the country where they live. But how can that be since they each live in different places? From Malta to Australia, each child describes their mode of transportation which include swimming with a dolphin, flying on a dragon, and riding on a lion’s back. None of them, however, can agree on the on

  4. Janet Janet says:

    I love the concept of this book! As the story goes, a diverse group of children gather round to solve the riddle of where we are from. However, none of the answers feel right until the last (and youngest) child speaks up. I won't spoil it for you, but this book is a beautiful reminder that we are all united and have more in common than we have different about each other. The text is simple but on poin

  5. Χριστίνα Κωνσταντουδάκη Χριστίνα Κωνσταντουδάκη says:

    An amazing book with a touching story, narrated in a simple language yet so beautifully done. Children from different cultures and countries gather together, and they try as a team to solve the riddle Where am I from?''. The final and correct answer to the question as an epilogue, made me tear up.

    The illustrations of the book are something totally new in publishing as they are real graffiti/mu

  6. Jamie Jack Jamie Jack says:

    The Answer is Not So Simple

    This picture book starts with an image of children painting a graffiti mural of the world. As each ponders where they are all from, each assumes that they come from the same place—wherever the particular child talking is from. With this, the book goes around the world, visiting each place each child is from. It ends with the youngest among them seeing a commonality and s

  7. Mariabba Mariabba says:

    A really unique concept for a book. A book supported and created from its infancy by a large group of people around the world, illustrated entirely with spray paint murals, painted on the walls of schools. What a gift to the children who will see beautiful art when they go to school. The art is amazing and the story is so cute. The kids have their own unique way to see things straight and not overcomplicate notions

  8. Chryssa Oikonomidou Chryssa Oikonomidou says:

    A book promoting kids’ intercultural competence. The reader follows a multicultural group of kids discussing their roots. Where are they from? The book answers this question in such a nice, real way: aren’t we all from the same place in the end of the day? I won’t spoil any further. Just read it. This book will warm your souls like a big hug. A must have for multicultural children, ideal for bilingual / trilingual

  9. Heather Kinser Heather Kinser says:

    I love the way this story makes us think about ethnic and regional origins in a fresh way. The cast of characters begins a gentle argument about where they are from. It seems each child has blinders on and can only view the question from their own perspective--until the youngest comes up with a universal answer that unites all children in a single origin story. A great choice for boosting a contemporary understanding that reg

  10. Sharon Giltrow Sharon Giltrow says:

    Wow this is an amazing book that shows children from all around the world. I love how the text and illustrations are matched with features from that country. Especially the page about Australia :-). The ending is very clever but I won't spoil it, but it leaves the reader with a very important message. The use of graffiti art for the illustrations is pioneering. A fantastic book for all the children and adults of the World.

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