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Bone Crier's Moon Bone Criers Have A Sacred Duty They Alone Can Keep The Dead From Preying On The Living But Their Power To Ferry The Spirits Of The Dead Into Goddess Elara S Night Heavens Or Tyrus S Underworld Comes From Sacrifice The Gods Demand A Promise Of Dedication And That Promise Comes At The Cost Of The Bone Criers One True LoveAilesse Has Been Prepared Since Birth To Become The Matriarch Of The Bone Criers, A Mysterious Famille Of Women Who Use Strengths Drawn From Animal Bones To Ferry Dead Souls But First She Must Complete Her Rite Of Passage And Kill The Boy She S Also Destined To LoveBastien S Father Was Slain By A Bone Crier And He S Been Seeking Revenge Ever Since Yet When He Finally Captures One, His Vengeance Will Have To Wait Ailesse S Ritual Has Begun And Now Their Fates Are Entwined In Life And In DeathSabine Has Never Had The Stomach For The Bone Criers Work But When Her Best Friend Ailesse Is Taken Captive, Sabine Will Do Whatever It Takes To Save Her, Even If It Means Defying Their Traditions And Their Matriarch To Break The Bond Between Ailesse And Bastien Before They All Die Ok but HOW stunning is this cover Can we have Charlie Bowater do all covers from now on please I love her work and when I saw this book I immediately added it to my tbr Plus the premise of this book sounds amazing A duology and a doomed romance Sign me up ARC received from publishers and edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. i can see it now me nutting for this cover so hard that i read this book almost an entire year before it s released and then have to wait 2 years before the sequel comes out Thank you, Edelweiss, for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review I thoroughly enjoyed this and feel like it s an easy story to read in one sitting Not because it s a simple story but because it s addicting The world is unique and so is the magic system I ve never read a book like this one, where the characters use animal bones and get strength and power from them depending on what animal it is they killed I loved every minute of it.This story is full of star crossed lovers, enemies to lovers, siblings, characters you can t trust, and one hell of a compelling plot I will for sure be buying myself a finished copy when it gets released in March 2020 Okay, who gave someone the goddamn right to not only make this cover gorgeous, but to have it set to come out in 2020 I just wanna talk

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