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Rage Has A Hold On Sammy Rage Has A Hold On Sammy is the story of an eight year old boy named, Sammy He and his father are very close, even though his parents are divorced Then one day, his grandmother calls; Sammy's dad passed away After the initial shock, Sammy's behavior changes into a defiant, disrespectful child How can he get over this terrible feeling that has a tight hold on him? Children that experience the loss of a parent have a difficult time? Some of those children become angry and hostile like Sammy This book will help children in the same situation realize their not alone

10 thoughts on “Rage Has A Hold On Sammy

  1. Joan Dawson Joan Dawson says:

    Rage Has A Hold On Sammy by Angela Wiggins is a very instructive story about how one can survive difficult times. This book will help children and their families understand what is hidden behind the aggressive and child-causing behavior of the child hiding pain and asking for help. All you need is to give love and care. This book teaches the main thing i

  2. Juanita Juanita says:

    Very interesting and useful book. I think that Rage Has A Hold On Sammy by Angela Wiggins book should be read by both children and adults.

  3. Elaine Elaine says:

    This is a child friendly book about the very difficult subject of how grief can affect behaviour and attitudes, told through the story of Sammy and his family. It helps demonstrate that hurting others and being angry may actually be symptoms of struggling to cope with grief and loss and makes suggestions that could help them. It has clear illustrations to make it

  4. Nicky Maish Nicky Maish says:

    I highly rate this book. It is a lesson-oriented book, which majorly focuses on relaying basic life lessons to the children. The book uses an easy language to use as well teachings, which are based on the life happenings of Sammy, who witnesses a shift in the way he handles life. He ends up hurting others in the process as he adopts rudeness, disrespect, and stubbornness. H

  5. Victoria Maposa Victoria Maposa says:

    This book tells of how a young boy (Sammy) loses it after the death of his father. All of us deal with grief differently and for Sammy, it makes him rude, stubborn and disrespectful. He doesn’t realise that he’s hurting the people that are around him in the process. His mother finally gets him help and eventually, things work out.

    This book is for children. It’s

  6. Vance Vance says:

    A beautifully written story with real world situations surrounding it. It shows the sadness and heart break of loosing a loved one and how it can affect a child's/persons behavior and attitude. It shows how Sammy's behavior is affecting his grades and social skills and also how it affects people around him like his mother and teachers. This is a great book filled with morals and help

  7. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Review coming soon!

  8. Bev Bev says:

    Rage Has a Hold on Sammy is about Sammy who at the tender age of 8 has a very close relationship with his father despite his parents being divorced. Sammy learns from his mum that his dad has passed away and the grief that Sammy is feeling spills over into his every day life. He is not the usual happy child that he was (which is understandable) and doesn’t really care that he is getting him

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