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School Year of Awesome Imagine finally being in the same class as yourBFFS! What could be better?But for best friends Dante, Sofia, Zoe, and Kyle, that's just the beginningBrand new teacher to the school Mr Robbins will end up changing their lives forever by teaching valuable lessons and empowering thefriends to conquer any situation that comes their wayMr Robbins is that teacher everyone wishes we had as a kidJoin Dante, Sofia, Zoe, and Kyle as they journey through a year full of laughs, frustration, hard work, dance parties, bullies, impossible feats, friendship, and a special teacher who believes they can do anythingSee why this year is truly a School Year of Awesome! REASONS WHY KIDS LOVE THIS BOOK even if they don't like to read Empowering and Classroom TestedThe strategies Mr Robbins uses with his kids in the book are based on years of teaching and interacting with s of real students THIS STUFF WORKS Kids will find themselves continually coming back to chapters that apply to new challenges and chapters in their own lives A great resource for kids in this ever changing and complicated world SomethingEveryoneWithchapters that can be read as parts of a whole or as stand alone stories, all readers will find something for them Kids identify with the characters and see themselves in the book Everyone will come away with something awesome! It's Just Plain FunFull of mini dance parties, extra recess, a snowday showdown, a flying bottle rocket experiment that readers can easily do at home, School Year of Awesome truly is that, AWESOME School can and should be fun and this book is a great way to see how to make your own school year AWESOME!

10 thoughts on “School Year of Awesome

  1. Anthony Graffeo Anthony Graffeo says:

    What children should be reading

    I was recommended this book by a friend for my grandchildren. Great start to child’s education. Positive, uplifting and educational. Must read.

  2. D Nine D Nine says:

    I couldn't connect the words with a voice.

  3. Robert Uttaro Robert Uttaro says:

    This is an excellent book for every child and I highly recommend every parent buy it. School Year of Awesome keeps children engaged and teaches valuable lessons. Children everywhere, and adults who read with children will benefit from all of Jason Rago's books. Rago's passion for educating children and teaching them the right way is evident. Buy this book a

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