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From Riches to Rags Most people anticipate a success story that describes a character's real life or fictional triumph from rags to riches What if we turn the tables and read about an already lucky character who was practically born with a silver spoon in her mouth, looks down upon others who have less than her or who don't meet her standards, feels entitled to get what she desires from others, and gets away with countless bullying antics at school since her father knows what strings to pull to get her out of trouble? Meet Serendipity aka Serene, who needs to be humbled in her world of entitlement to fill the endless void she is trying to fill How will she turn from her vacant and selfish ways if she doesn't have God in her life? Does she need to lose everything and go from riches to rags to find her purpose in the life that God intended for her?

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  1. Lorraine Jacob Lorraine Jacob says:

    Very interesting and original book. From Riches to Rags
    by Jaclyn Howell will appeal not only to children, but will be interesting and useful for many adults. All my friends have already read this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes high-quality

  2. Jaclyn Howell Jaclyn Howell says:

    Proud author of this amazing story!

  3. Suzan Johnson Suzan Johnson says:

    I loved this thought provoking story of a girl who learns several life lessons. Grab your copy today!!

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