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Inkheart Alternate cover edition From internationally acclaimed storyteller Cornelia Funke, this bestselling, magical epic is now out in paperback One cruel night, Meggie s father reads aloud from a book called INKHEART and an evil ruler escapes the boundaries of fiction and lands in their living room Suddenly, Meggie is smack in the middle of the kind of adventure she has only read about in books Meggie must learn to harness the magic that has conjured this nightmare For only she can change the course of the story that has changed her life foreverThis is INKHEART a timeless tale about books, about imagination, about life Dare to read it aloud

10 thoughts on “Inkheart

  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Books have to be heavy because the whole world s inside themMagic, this book is pure unadulterated magic. Meggie and Mo her father are a pair They re two peas in a pod, they re a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they re ice cream and sprinkles No matter what they are together.Mo works as a book binder restorer and Meggie is a full time reader she ready every single momen

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I was very much looking forward to reading this, as it had very good word of mouth as a high quality children s YA fantasy that adults will also enjoy And the premise, that characters can exist in the real world outside of books, or that real people can enter the world inside a book, is endlessly appealing However, my local library is on the verge of opening a new wing with my

  3. Dana Dana says:

    Oy I really wanted to like this book I had such high hopes for it It was one of those books that whenever my students saw me reading it they said, Oh, I really liked that book It was so good So, I thought it would be great It just wasn t The story was nice In short very short Meggie s father repairs books Her mother disappeared nine years ago After a mysterious visitor shows up at

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Tintenherz Inkheart Inkworld, 1 , Cornelia Funke Inkheart is a 2003 young adult fantasy novel by Cornelia Funke, and the first book of the Inkheart trilogy Meggie, a girl at the age of 12, sees a stranger staring at her outside her window and tells her father, Mortimer or Mo, as Meggie calls him about it Her father invites the stranger in, who introduces himself as Dustfinger Mo and Dus

  5. Patricia (theinfophile) Patricia (theinfophile) says:

    This book is everything I ever wanted It s a book about a book and lovers of books It s very self affirming for me Now I don t feel like a COMPLETE goober for 1 smelling books 2 learning Elvish or 3 bringing at least 5 books with me everywhere I go.Note just because I don t FEEL like a complete goober, does not mean I am not one Inkheart is the first in a trilogy Inkspell is already out, and

  6. Charlotte May Charlotte May says:

    Honestly one of my favourite fantasy reads I loved all the characters even the villians They were vivid, colourful, the world Cornelia Funke creates is absolutely extraordinary and if it were up to me I would live in the Inkworld for ever For anyone that likes a good dose of escapism, a book about books, a story that will make you laugh, cry and just generally never want to finish then this is fo

  7. Ann Ann says:

    What a great story This is quite the page turner I was driven to readby both the action adventure and the plot conclusion Both are excellently written Funke s style of writing and indeed the translation made by Anthea Bell makes for a smooth and beautiful read.Wonderfully drawn and very detailed characters fill this book from cover to cover, each character being unique and complete The story is told f

  8. Patrick Patrick says:

    Enjoyed it well enough Interesting concept Good execution Struck me as a little grim for YA though By which I mean it s not something I d read to my boy He s fiveish I might consider something like this for him when he hits 10 or so.

  9. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    Oof it took me 12 days to finish this book Not like me at all.I liked the storyline I love the fact that it is a book about books, and that is what initially made me want to read it I read the blurb on the book and it sounded like a really fun read.I was wrong.The book was VERY long winded Whilst the plotline was good, and the characters were nicely built, the actual story dragged on most of the time The best p

  10. Hirdesh Hirdesh says:

    The best fantasy novel, I ver read.I was too much curious while reading that.I just loved it.The way writer moves the story.Specially,3 ratings for character making.Thanks Cornelia Funke.

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