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Gramps Is Hard of Hearing Caroline wants to go to the park with her grandfather, but she needs to ask him several times before he understands what she wants He keeps thinking she s asking something about the dark or other words that rhyme with park When he finally gets the gist, they set out to enjoy the day togetherAs they spend quality time together, Caroline learns about hearing deficits, including what a hearing aid looks like and how it works Both Gramps and Caroline find out that they even know some basic sign language they can teach each other Filled with wonderful illustrations to help children understand concepts, this story celebrates family values and is a must have for anyone hard of hearing who wants to develop a deeper understanding and a stronger bond with loved ones

About the Author: Neil Soslow

Neil Soslow earned his PhD in Business Management from Michigan State University He has extensive experience in domestic and international consulting, has taught at the university level, and has coached chief executive officers in groups and private settings Currently Gramps is retired and leads a political discussion group when not working on his art or volunteering at a local children s hospital.

10 thoughts on “Gramps Is Hard of Hearing

  1. Chelsey Mae Chelsey Mae says:

    I won this book on the giveaway, thank you Will enjoy reading this with my niece It is a super cute and awesome children s book.

  2. Carissa Burks Carissa Burks says:

    The intent of the book is commendable, however it falls short The writing is too quickly paced and the way the text is laid out on the page is frankly, not entirely appealing The art is cute and what the author is trying to convey and talk about is good, but there are books out there that are able to talk about this issue and talk about it better It is written in a st

  3. Rose Rose says:

    This is a neat little book for young children Many can relate to a hearingproblem as so often occurs in the senior years A few signs and hearingaids are included in the illustrations.

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