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Silas Gets a Sister What happens when Big Ole Striped Silas feels sad and lonely, being left home alone each day? He gets a little sister, that's what! The search is on to find Silas some company and a playmate, starting with a trip to the cat show When those fancy cats don't seem like the right fit, it's the ride home from the show that leads to the perfect friend for Silas Meet Miss Opal, the runt of the litter who's full of spunk! Available at www.thesilasseries.com

10 thoughts on “Silas Gets a Sister

  1. Nancy Banks Nancy Banks says:

    Fun book to read, great story for kids and adults, beautiful illustrations

  2. Carol Crothes Carol Crothes says:

    Fabulous illustrations and fun rhyming read for kids. My kids always look for the hidden mouse in this series.

  3. Whit May Whit May says:

    Grannie Snow's Silas Gets a Sister is an incredible addition to the Silas Series. Are you a teacher, or do you know one who also loves cats (or pets in general)? Look no further for the perfect gift to them or their school library. This book is the perfect children's book to read to a wide age group; it inst

  4. Elliot G Elliot G says:

    An awesome follow-on book to Big Ole Striped Silas. Author Grannie Snow and illustrator Matthew Gauvin have once again come up with a winning formula. This book is fun to read and has captivating illustrations. Welcome aboard Opal! If you are a cat owner and have children or grandchildren, you need to get to know

  5. S Case S Case says:

    A wonderful book to share with children.

  6. Martha Waltien Martha Waltien says:

    We learned about this series - "Big Ole Striped Silas", "Silas Gets a Sister" and "Silas and Opal" - by happenstance when our major cat rescue organization recommended it as a series that promotes kindness to animals. I like that sort of thing, so first I ordered "Big Ole Striped Silas" and found that first book to be so much

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