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Silas and Opal Meet Big Ole Striped Silas really puts his best paw forward when a sweet smelling lady arrives at the shelter in search of a new housemate When his dream to find a home comes true, Silas gives his shelter buddies a pep talk to encourage them to not give up hope in finding a home too Written in rhyme, this book has a very soothing cadence with wonderful illustrations and loved by children and adults alike Big Ole Striped Silas is the first book in The Silas Series Available at www.thesilasseries.com

10 thoughts on “Silas and Opal Meet

  1. Whit May Whit May says:

    The Silas Series is an incredible and heartwarming book series that I would highly recommend to anyone with children, students and/or a love of cats and pets. It has important life lessons about losing a loved one and how to respect life and the lives of animals. The beautiful, vibrant pictures are HUGE and detailed which makes it a great bed time story or class-reading

  2. Martha Waltien Martha Waltien says:

    We learned about this series - "Big Ole Striped Silas", "Silas Gets a Sister" and "Silas and Opal" - by happenstance when our major cat rescue organization recommended it as a series that promotes kindness to animals. I like that sort of thing, so first I ordered "Big Ole Striped Silas" and found that first book to be so much more than spreading the message of kindness - whi

  3. Elliot G Elliot G says:

    Grannie Snow and Matthew Gauvin have done a masterful job addressing a challenging subject, pet loss. The reader is taken through the whole cycle of coping with a loss, recovering and rebounding in a fantastic way! This book can be enjoyed at face value, or used a tool to cope with a pet's passing. The full page illustrations and familiar rhyme scheme make for a really comfortabl

  4. Teresa Kander Teresa Kander says:

    I love this story. It's written in verse, and has very colorful illustrations which perfectly depict the story. It is a good story for dealing with pet loss, and with finding a new pet. I love Silas, and hope to get the rest of the series in the future.

  5. S Case S Case says:

    A wonderful series about a special cat finding a forever home.

  6. Carol Crothes Carol Crothes says:

    1st in the series. Many themes to discuss with your kids.

  7. Nancy Banks Nancy Banks says:

    Great story, love the connection with this beautiful cat - We all want a Silas in our lives.

  8. Maple Snow Maple Snow says:

    Love this book!!!! Super great for children!!

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