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Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents (AoL Mindfulness #5) Conscious Parenting is the AoL Mindfulness Course designed for parents We use Transformation Tools and Spiritual Exercises to help parents get in touch with Soul, with Love, and with Patience when dealing with kids Exploring the magic work with Soul s Diary, Spiritual Parenting Diary, Developing Parenting Virtues, Meditations, Rhythm, Day to day Routine, Happy Family Structure, Cultivating of Relationships, etc the course explores some very inspiring exercises to examine the mind, subconscious and conscious thoughts, emotions, relationships Conscious Parenting Course looks into the parenting goals, dreams, from simple day to day task planning to the each parent s dream of the bigger vision Ivana Milosavljevic Mgr Education, with Masters and keen interest in Special Needs, co author of the book says After many years that I ve spent examining and studying children s psychology and exploring the wonders of pedagogy some essential questions kept following me and inspiring my journey Is there such a thing as an ideal parent and an ideal growing environment for our children What is it that our little ones need to grow into happy, independent and fulfilled human beings What is it that we grown ups need to do so that our children stay stress free and joyful How to understand the needs of these gentle and pure souls that are given to us for our guidance without suffocating their inborn happiness How to cultivate the perfect goodness that is a part of their being without distorting it into anger, doubt, distress, unhappiness How to protect them and what is it exactly that we need to protect The Conscious Parenting Course was born out of these Magic Questions

About the Author: Nataša Pantović

Nata a Pantovi , MSc Economics, is Serbian Maltese Author, Management Consultant, Adoptive Parent and Spiritual Researcher into Higher States of Consciousness living and working in Malta.Author of 9 AoL Mindfulness Books Published Author since 1991 with a legal self help book Drafting Contracts for Companies and Individuals published by Poslovni Biro, in Yugoslavia.The early eMalta years saw a heavy investment by Government in its ICT infrastructure to transform Malta into an Information Society As Management Consultant working within the MEU, in the Office of Prime Minister, Nata a worked on large number of management and HR consulting projects throughout the various Ministries and Government Institutions.While heading a large UK IT company Crimsonwing, later KPMG she was in charge of expanding the company s markets in Europe As a woman, and an IT Executive, travelling around our little planet, her memory recalls many venues in London, Cardif, Manchester, Milan, Brussels, Rome, Amsterdam, presenting the company s large UK IT case studies Safeway, Banks, etc while at the same time promoting Malta IT, but the most impressive was the Euro Med Summit in Marseille France where Nata a was a Guest Speaker in an Experts Panel Discussion addressing Ministers and Business Heads from around the Euro Med region with the Presentation Strategies for Growth in the Euro Med Region Euro Mediterranean Business Summit 2006.After helping Father George build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, she entered the most amazing world of parenting adopting two kids from Ethiopia as a single mum Ema and Andrej love and train basketball, play music, act within a Music Theater Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.Nata a has traveled throughthan 50 countries and lived in 5 Serbia, Malta, UK, New Zealand, Holland, In March 2015, Artof4Elements has launched the AoL Mindfulness Series of 9 fiction and non fiction books authored by 7 authors, focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and mindfulness A series of many genres, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of AoL Mindfulness explores numerous self development themes.

10 thoughts on “Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents (AoL Mindfulness #5)

  1. Nataša Pantović Nataša Pantović says:

    Conscious Parenting Course is AoL Mindfulness Course published by Artof4elements.Other AoL Books are Mindful Eating Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Mindful BeingAll through the mindfulness exercises of the Conscious Parenting Course, the parents are encouraged to listen to their Souls and to come back to love, awareness, consciousness hoping to inspire the parents capacity to stay Creative, Loving and Full of Energy It is possible to get the art of pare

  2. Ivana Ivana says:

    I read 4 Nuit s books I read books about Parenting and Books about nutrition and cooking In addition to concrete advice of the attitude towards children, daily routine, and healthy way of preparing food, I found how to become aware of my selves, and how to spend every day as a special gift from God I learned how to develop creativity and joy of existence Finally, after all, I woke up fulfill of love.I highly recommend books to anyone who wants to spend a better lifestyle

  3. Sneza Sneza says:

    Book Review Conscious Parenting A great family experienceI never liked parenting books, and always believed that experiences teach us muchthan any book can when exploring the parenting world, yet I found Conscious Parenting the most amazing, inspiring course material that one could find around Trust me, it is definitely worth going onto Nuit s parenting exploration journey, it is full of magic and true knowledge Becoming a conscious parent is a challenge not all can take and it

  4. Draganadjokic343gmail.Com Draganadjokic343gmail.Com says:

    Conscious Parenting Course is full of parenting exercises and tools If you are into green parenting, mindful parenting, alternative schooling methods, parenting and spirituality, this is a great course, full of useful tools developing kids creativity, kids emotional intelligence, kids ways of looking at the world around them Switching off TV and computers, the course gives the parent ways to stay inspired and full of various ways to get the family together and allow love to flow within

  5. Mario Johns Mario Johns says:

    Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents by Natasa Pantovic Nuit is a book course full of wisdom and beauty I ve read Mindful Being, Mindful Eating Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes and Chanting Mantras with Best Chords from the same author and really enjoy going back to Nuit s poetry Art of 4 Elements for inspiration within my day to day existence The Alchemy of love books transfer me into a different space and level of existence, they bring me back my meditations, m Co

  6. De Ge De Ge says:

    A beautiful and inspiring book from Natasa Pantovic Nuit Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents.The book is designed as a course and it took me quite a long time to start doing its modules because the return to courses was not quite my theme Yet, once the course took me in, I was absorbed, inspired and challenged by its rhythm and exercises A beautiful wisdom and warmth surrounds each and every module, exercise, subject It feels as though the content is mixed with this ingredi A beaut

  7. Lui Debono Lui Debono says:

    Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents from Natasa Pantovic Nuit is an Inspiring, Valuable, Worth reading course with Great tools I never read parenting advice books because my opinion usually differs from the rest I am into green parenting, simplicity parenting, love parenting if such a thing exists , soul parenting, so I found Nuit s approach to be just a great nourishment for the soul Working on our self development holistically and as a family we empower our kids with l Conscious Parenti

  8. Sue Andreas Sue Andreas says:

    Beautiful Inspiring A must have for all the parents I do not read parenting books because I believe that there is a lot of misconception around raising kids and parenting I cringe when a child is let to cry, when a mum follows the rules of various punishments and rewards, when kids are given games and tablets to keep them quiet Nuit within the Conscious Parenting Course puts an emphasis on the importance of healthy nutrition, healthy sleeping habits, the strong routine within the day we Beautiful Inspiring A must

  9. Kamala Azzopardi Kamala Azzopardi says:

    Conscious Parenting is a book which I, as an educator find extremely helpful not only for parents but also for teachers It contains all the skills needed to help children in their all round development I refer to this book regularly for guiding parents in ways how to understand and improve their children s quality of life and help them discover their true potential, which leads to happy children and families Katherine Azzopardi, director, Centru Tbexbix Bormla, Malta Centru Tbexbix is an ed Conscious Parenting is a book

  10. Jadranka Cuculovic Jadranka Cuculovic says:

    Consacious parenting is a basis of self development of any human being How our parents behave form the way we think, act, and that is why it is so important to understand how to properly educate our kids Conscious parenting book is a must to read, examine, and deeper explore I am an educator interested in Waldorf methods of education and I found the exercises to be practical, inspiring, motivating, full of day to day tips, wisdom and learning activities Must read

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