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Legend of the Pink Toe Legend of the Pink Toe, is the sequel to the fictional fantasy novel, Angel in a Fur Coat The angels have graduated, received their fur coats, and born on earth as dogsXia, once equipped with wings and a halo, now has a fur coat, walks on all fours, and says woof She s on the search for her person and the meaning of her life as a dog Explore the wonderful world of dogs and discover the unleashing of the legend of the pink toe Let the legend begin

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  1. Maryellen Maryellen says:

    The review is for both Angel in a Fur Coat and Legend of the Pink Toe.I enjoyed these novels, but they were easy, somewhat predictable and kinda relied on their overt charm to smooth over the occasional flaw That said, there was a lovely and continual charm about Xia and her companions.I would recommend these to

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