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The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers (English Edition) This book was an inspiring read about healthcare, and the trends that are shaping its future.Topics ranged from real time disease detection and genetics, to AI robotics and virtual reality simulations.The interviews with industry pioneers were fascinating, and provided a glimpse into a futurewhere diseases are treated real time, the focus is on empowering the patient, and the model shifts from reactive treatment to proactive wellness A bonus was learning about the unique background and story of each game changing pioneer Anyone who is interested in the evolution of healthcare, including practitioners and patients, entrepreneurs and futurists, will find the content riveting. As someone who worked in various aspects of healthcare until retirement in 2014 , and the spouse of a retired family physician, I found this book fascinating The vignettes interviews of experts in various aspects of the field are inspiring and hopeful from my vantage point, especially during this time when I hear so much from political operatives who, frankly, seem to have so little insight into the day to day issues of delivering health care In the early 1970s, I worked at MIT, when genetic engineering was in its infancy I was NOT a scientist The predictions for where this may be going, as reported in this book, are amazing I was also quite impressed by infection fighting robots, using ultraviolet techniques.If I were to give a criticism, I would say that I would have liked to have had an introduction as well as the conclusion, before jumping right into the interviews I almost would have liked to have seen something such as the Q A that the people had to respond to e.g., what made you decide to compile this book at the beginning.With that said, however, I would recommend this to any policymaker who has hopes for overhauling and improving the healthcare delivery system in this country The author has done an incredible job of including forward thinking, thoughtful people and their ideas that can save lives, be cost effective, and, in the end, enhance healthcare delivery in the United States. The Art of Healthcare Innovation is an inspiring read for healthcare professionals and anyone interested in where the future of care leads From preventative care to diagnosing illnesses to end of life care, the physicians and healthcare professionals interviewed show a shift in focus to whole patient care No one wants to be just another diagnosis They want to know they matter, and the healthcare innovators featured in the book illustrate how technology and improved emotional intelligence are combining to provide a bright future for patient care. Even if you only are interested in what the future will bring this is an interesting view, if you further are working with the future of healthcare, this book is a must read.Christina Warner has managed to gather 35 of the world s most original healthcare thinkers and innovators and has gotten them to reveal their visions for the future and what they are contributing in practically all the areas of healthcare The result is a plethora of new ideas, inventions and new ways of doing things You may say that the book is a catalog for inspiration in the area of healthcare, but it is not tedious as a catalog, it s a book full of case stories that inspire.If you have only a limited idea of how many areas within healthcare that can be innovated within, this is a book that will open your eyes I received an advanced copy as an early reader What If You Had A Crystal Ball That Revealed The Future Of The Healthcare Landscape Wouldn T You Want That Ball Think Of How That Information Could Boost Your Success And Impact Your Future You Could Be On The Cutting Edge Of Change And Reap The RewardsAccept That Change Is Inescapable Discover How Healthcare Changes Will Impact You, Your Family, And Your Career Listen To Pioneers Who Share Their Secrets And PredictionsWho This Book Is For Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Workers And Consumers Who Understand The Need For Strategic Agility Those Who Want To Plan A Future In The Healthcare Industry Those Who Want To Avoid Failed Businesses Those Who Want To Prepare For New Trends And Reap The Reward Of A Competitive AdvantageWho S Behind Revealing This Crystal Ball Christina D Warner, Healthcare Innovator And Marketing Strategist, Conducted Over Interviews She Collected Candid Answers From Global Giants, Pioneers, Leaders And Innovators Most Were Scientists, Physicians, Inventors, Thought Leaders, Cofounders And ExecutivesTheir Fascinating And Shocking Discoveries Will Shape And Create Healthcare Into The Next DecadeA Few Of These Pioneers Include Shaden Marzouk MD, PhD Managing Director, Health, AXA, Former Chief Medical Officer Of Cardinal Health Brian Caveney, MD, JD, MPH Enterprise Wide Chief Medical Officer Of LabCorp Ruth Williams Brinkley, President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan And Hospitals Of The Northwest Bertalan Mesko, MD PhD Director Of The Medical Futurist Institute Barbara Casey, Global Health Leader At Cisco, Inc Deborah C Beidel, PhD ABPP, Director OfUCF RESTORESWhat These Leaders Share Current Innovative Trends How Trends Will Change The World Five Things They Wish They Knew Disruptive Practices And Products You Haven T Heard Of Advice For How To Future Proof Your Career Success Habits And Life PhilosophyWhat You Will Learn What The Future Of The Healthcare Industry Looks Like How To Recession Proof Your Career Where To Find Healthcare Business And Career Opportunities How To Pitch Venture Capitalists And Where To Find Them How To Ask The Right Questions How To Prepare For Environmental Uncertainties How To Prepare For Disruptive InnovationsSuccessful Leaders Need To Anticipate Where The Markets Are Going Disruption Is A Wealth Creation Opportunity Leaders Who Are Open To Innovative Ideas, And To Learning How And Where To Look For Ideas, Will ThriveDon T Get Locked Out Of This Market Because You Lack The Knowledge On How And Where To Find Solutions Expand Your View And Increase The Odds That You Will See Important Trends Before Your CompetitionDisruptive Innovation Theory Should Be A Key Component In All Strategist S ToolkitsGrab A Copy Of The Art Of Healthcare Innovation Interviews And Industry Insights From Pioneers Today Before Change Renders Your Position ObsoleteGrab A Copy For Your Team And Form An Alliance NowLearn At Christinadwarner

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