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Discrimination and Disparities (English Edition) An Enlarged Edition Of Thomas Sowell S Brilliant Examination Of The Origins Of Economic Disparities Economic And Other Outcomes Differ Vastly Among Individuals, Groups, And Nations Many Explanations Have Been Offered For The Differences Some Believe That Those With Less Fortunate Outcomes Are Victims Of Genetics Others Believe That Those Who Are Less Fortunate Are Victims Of The Fortunate Discrimination And Disparities Gathers A Wide Array Of Empirical Evidence To Challenge The Idea That Different Economic Outcomes Can Be Explained By Any One Factor, Be It Discrimination, Exploitation, Or Genetics This Revised And Enlarged Edition Also Analyzes The Human Consequences Of The Prevailing Social Vision Of These Disparities And The Policies Based On That Vision From Educational Disasters To Widespread Crime And Violence This author knows his topics and is able to share them in a way which keeps you engaged It s really interesting how often the actions taken to combat perceived discrimination end up being core cause of the same This is the type of material which needs to be taught in our colleges and universities Just the facts and the truth supported with scientific research In the first Chapter Disparities and Prerequisites he lays bare the role I.Q has on one s real success.Children of parents with professional occupations were found to hear about 2,100 words per hour at home Children in Working Class houses heard 1,200 words per hour where children from homes which are on welfare were found to hear 600 words per hour What about the advantages of being the first born in a family Or are they really disadvantages Hard work and perseverance are so important to really achieving success But so is the personal desire to succeed.His examples of those companies who have gotten so much right and dominated their industry for decades are lessons which must be paid attention to closely He lists examples of house hold name type companies known globally that learned first hand the massive price they would pay for not evolving and staying abreast of technology changes Even startling is how these same companies once controlled the industries but failed to change with the times and now are nearly relegated to being footnotes in history.Another great book by Thomas Sowell. Thomas Sowell is the man to read if you want a realistic, objective perspective No goofy, over emotional, politics of envy and jealousy progressive narrative here. Thomas Sowell is a true gem of the American experience A black man who grew up in NY during the 30 s A black man who got into Harvard BEFORE the Civil Rights Act Sowell speaks in the common tongue for the common man, but delivers timeless wisdom and much needed common sense Within the short book, you will find enough hard information which will enable you to never loose a debate again when it comes to the topics covered Like most of Sowells books A voice that will carry on for generations Glad to live in the time of Sowell.

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