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The Rise of the Creative Class (English Edition) World Renowned Urbanist Richard Florida S Bestselling Classic On The Transformation Of Our Cities In The Twenty First Century Now Updated With A New PrefaceIn His Modern Classic The Rise Of The Creative Class, Urbanist Richard Florida Identifies The Emergence Of A New Social Class Reshaping The Twenty First Century S Economy, Geography, And Workplace This Creative Class Is Made Up Of Engineers And Managers, Academics And Musicians, Researchers, Designers, Entrepreneurs And Lawyers, Poets And Programmer, Whose Work Turns On The Creation Of New Forms Increasingly, Florida Observes, This Creative Class Determines How Workplaces Are Organized, Which Companies Prosper Or Go Bankrupt, And Which Cities Thrive, Stagnate Or DeclineFlorida Offers A Detailed Occupational, Demographic, Psychological, And Economic Profile Of The Creative Class, Examines Its Global Impact, And Explores The Factors That Shape Quality Of Place In Our Changing Cities And Suburbs Now Updated With A New Preface That Considers The Latest Developments In Our Changing Cities, The Rise Of The Creative Class Is The Definitive Edition Of This Foundational Book On Our Contemporary Economy

4 thoughts on “The Rise of the Creative Class (English Edition)

  1. Eleonora M. Eleonora M. says:

    Si tratta di un libro impegnativo per la lunghezza, ma penso che valga ogni pagina Non e una lettura facile e leggera, ma i concetti sono espressi molto chiaramente Per chi vuole capire meglio la definizione di creative economy e come funziona la creative class e il libro perfetto Molto soddisfatta dell acquisto

  2. Michael Tavella Michael Tavella says:

    I was interested in this book because I see the new economy forming and was interested in his take on what that might look like I got some of that in this book, but I also got a lot of back patting by the author I found the author was a good writer, but was also pretty full of himself He seemed to think that he was really great no

  3. Sutirtha Bagchi Sutirtha Bagchi says:

    The book is a unique attempt to explain regional economic development on the basis of unconventional measures such as the % of gays in the population, the % of foreign born residents in the population and the % of the population engaged in creative occupations The surprising part is that all of these factors mentioned above seem to ex

  4. Eric D. Brown Eric D. Brown says:

    This book was recommended to me by an acquaintance a few weeks agoI m glad they mentioned it.The Rise of the Creative Class And How It s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life Paperback by Richard Florida is an informative book that covers A LOT of ground and has A LOT of data.but not as much information as I would have e

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