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100 Strength Training Tips for Combat Athletes (100 Tips Book 1) (English Edition) Das e book hat mit gut gefallen und die darin enthaltenen Informationen finde ich interessant und auch hilfrei. TheSecrets section of this course was first published as a two part article in The Dinosaur Files newsletter a very long time ago as in, back in the late s The two part series may have been the most popular article that ever appeared in The Dinosaur Files, and I received tremendous feedback on it Over the years, Ive seen many of the ideas that I presented in the two part series move from being considered pretty far out to becoming mainstream training methods for combat athletes around the world I ve also seen combat athletes who used Dinosaur methods win top competitions, including at least two World championships in grappling arts Youll also see plenty of other athletes using these training methods including football players, rugby players, and basketball players at the high school, college university and professional levels The head coach of one NFL team liked my workout ideas and general philosophy so much he bought copies of Dinosaur Training for every player on the team one top strength coach who works with members of the legendary All Blacks rugby team teaches these methods to his athletes and a famous NBA strength coach sent me a very nice letter about Dinosaur Training methods back when he was working with the Chicago Bulls and a guy named Michael Jordan In addition, you may be interested to know that a man who taught tactical self defense to members of Canadian law enforcement was a big fan of Dinosaur Training and taught his students many of the methods covered in this course Yes, the Mounties train Dino style But since wereyears down the road, many current fans of Dinosaur Training missed theSecrets articles the first time around With that in mind, Ive decided to bring it back in the form of a training courseIve updated and revised the articles, and Ive added plenty of bonus material So even if you saw the two part series in The Dinosaur Files, theres plenty of new material for you in this course And if all of what follows is new material for you, then youre in for a real treat and youre about to learn some very important information Its been a pleasure to put this course together for you, and I hope you enjoy and benefit from it Thanks for reading, and I wish you the very best of success Yours in strength,Brooks Kubik Love Brooks and have a lot of his stuff He has been a huge influence on my trainingbut This is really a short booklet a reprint of an old article and a bunch of workout routines that are good, but mostly the same as his other books There isn t much here about conditioning Its mostly strength work Don t get me wrong, its good info and the routines are good, but it s not really 10 bucks worth of book If it was 4 or 5 dollars that would be reasonable I hate to be negative about any of Brook s stuff but a lot of his short booklets and courses are just overpriced. As someone who has done a nice variety of combat sports such as boxing, wrestling, judo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I have done quite a bit of research on strength and conditioning for combat athletes and this course has some of the most practical advice I have seen out there Brooks uses a nice variety of training tools and methods that will get anyone ready for the harsh world of combat If your interested in learning how to incorporate, barbells,dumbbells, sandbags and to develop incredible strength, power, and conditioning for the mat, cage, ring, or street this books delivers highly recommended. For those of you not familiar with Brooks Kubik s works in the area of strength training, here are two wordsget familiar Brooks changed the way serious lifters trained with weights with the publication of his book Dinosaur Training over twenty years ago Brooks reopened our eyes to odd object lifting sandbags, barrels, stones, etc that was common in the old days, before plate adjustable barbells and dumbbells are as common as they are today Brooks has written numerous books and courses preaching the value of abbreviated training shorter workouts consisting of multi joint exercises Every single book and course is worth reading and heeding All contain innumerable gems of practical training This book of strength training tips for combat athletes continues in that vein, and is a goldmine of practical training information Common sense is the rule, as it is in all of Brook s training books If you practice any martial art judo, karate, wrestling, boxing, MMA, whatever , this collection of tips is for you It is impossible to read this collection and NOT come away with a wealth of useful information that will make you a better, accomplished martial artist or combat athlete Check it out You won t be sorry Long time reader of Brooks Kubik, and his books have always had great advice, but this one is perfect not just for anyone looking to incorporate strength training into their combat sport practice especially us older athletes but anyone looking for solid, specific, no nonsense advice and routines, all backed up with years of experience This is a book everyone interested in strength training should read, but for those with limited time to train or anyone trying to balance sparring, technique practice, cardio, and weights, it s a must read. Good book Quick read but informative Great variety of ideas for how to weight train efficiently for those whose top priority is a martial art or sport Great variety of workout suggestions Excellent book for anyone looking to train strength and conditioning specific to combat sports I ve been following Brooks Kubik s work for over a decade and have yet to be disappointed. This new kindle book by Brooks Kubik reminds those of us who train in the martial arts that there is always room for strength training Brooks, a lawyer and a most knowledgeable expert on strength training, provides a variety of different routines that can be used for the development of power to enhance one s martial arts training. Best book on practical training for martial artist

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 100 Strength Training Tips for Combat Athletes (100 Tips Book 1) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Brooks D Kubik author readers around the world.

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