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Why Cities Lose: The Deep Roots of the Urban-Rural Political Divide (English Edition) A Prizewinning Political Scientist Traces The Origins Of Urban Rural Political Conflict And Shows How Geography Shapes Elections In America And Beyond Why Is It So Much Easier For The Democratic Party To Win The National Popular Vote Than To Build And Maintain A Majority In Congress Why Can Democrats Sweep Statewide Offices In Places Like Pennsylvania And Michigan Yet Fail To Take Control Of The Same States Legislatures Many Place Exclusive Blame On Partisan Gerrymandering And Voter Suppression But As Political Scientist Jonathan A Rodden Demonstrates In Why Cities Lose, The Left S Electoral Challenges Have Deeper Roots In Economic And Political Geography In The Late Nineteenth Century, Support For The Left Began To Cluster In Cities Among The Industrial Working Class Today, Left Wing Parties Have Become Coalitions Of Diverse Urban Interest Groups, From Racial Minorities To The Creative Class These Parties Win Big In Urban Districts But Struggle To Capture The Suburban And Rural Seats Necessary For Legislative Majorities A Bold New Interpretation Of Today S Urban Rural Political Conflict, Why Cities Lose Also Points To Electoral Reforms That Could Address The Left S Under Representation While Reducing Urban Rural Polarization Jonathan Rodden s Why Cities Lose is a tremendous piece of scholarly work written concisely and accessibly for a lay audience without sacrificing any of the facts and figures quite literally that might oft mire down a book like this As an academic I was enthralled by the data Rodden expertly presented and analyzed His presentation of text and data is clear He explains the way data were collected and how he interprets them, while also providing them for the reader to interpret independently This is how science is done Rodden presents a clear history of how the industrial revolutions first and second , as well as the current post industrial knowledge based global economies gave rise to and reinforced urban rural divisions in the US, Canada and Europe This is not always a straightforward history but Rodden takes the reader through with deft Beyond the establishment and reinforcement of the urban rural divide, Rodden shows how the urban environ has become synonymous with the Labor left Democrats, while the rural areas have become strongholds for the conservatives Republicans in politics But the meat of Rodden s exploration has to do with the analysis of data associated with these facts and how it plays out to ultimately limit the political reach and success of the left hence Why Cities Lose Rodden provides clear evidence for how electoral systems that are winner take all, as exist in the US, Britain and Commonwealth countries, puts the left at a disadvantage because of their concentration to urban centers In winner take all systems the rural, exurban, and conservative suburban areas have disproportionate electoral power at state and national levels Rodden explains, with lots of evidence, how and why this is the case and discusses how parties of the left can do combat this structure feature of modern political societies Though the thesis reflects mostly on the power failings of one side of the political spectrum, Rodden s is not a partisan analysis or presentation As I would tell my students, the data are what the data are and they require no spin of partisanship I can t recommend this book highly enough to the political junky, especially one wanting to understand winner take all electoral systems and right conservative dominance of them in highly industrialized societies 5 hearty stars All concerned citizens should read this book Must reading.

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