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The Mindful Entrepreneur: How to rapidly grow your business while staying sane, focused and fulfilled (English Edition) I read the book, enjoyed it and found myself wanting.Although the story of Howard Finger s business troubles and eventual renaissance, with the aid of his two mentors, Joel and Aryeh, was interesting, even so, well into the book I was still wondering about the universal application of his specific circumstances In other words, while I m glad he turned his business and life around, what s in it for me, I wondered.However, the author s managed to eventually pull it all together and demonstrated that just as Howard solved his particular troubles, so too the interested reader, if willing to put in the effort, could anticipate similar benefit in their own unique situation To this end, the inclusion of resources at the end of each chapter was a nice touch and could well bring the most long term benefit and use for the reader.If I can have one quibble, I would have preferred to read of Joel and Aryeh and less of Howard Joel and Aryeh are presented throughout as Svengali like characters, presenting wisdom and advice to the benighted but grateful neophyte Howard, yet obliquely throughout the course of the book we learn that Joel has his own business struggles and his own angst about the best way forward to grow his own business and Aryeh has undergone a process of maturation and self discovery to arrive at his present stage of enlightenment I would have loved to have learned about their journey to the stage where they currently find themselves dispensers of wisdom.All in all it was a well constructed and reasonably absorbing book and Howard is to be commended for his willingness to share his path to financial, familial and personal recovery. I approached Howard s story as a lecture, stopping after every chapter to reflect on what was written and how my feelings and thoughts were affected by what I read Almost like a mindfulness exercise in itself This approach helped me to get down to the root of the book, and the problems I faced in my own business It made me realize my own mindfulness blocks and what I need to do to get things moving I was surprised to see how much of Howard I noticed in myself, and how many of the same challenges that Howard experienced, I am facing in my own business I have already implemented many of the practical steps from the book in my business, and I must admit I am a bit surprised at how quickly I am seeing results I am actually quite excited to work on my business and not just in my business What I really appreciate about Gerschman as an author is that he takes information that is vital to a well run business and presents it in a practical, meaningful way that is immediately and easily applicable, even for busy harried CEOs like me The payoff is immediate, and therefore it is self motivating to keep implementing of the practical steps Thank you for giving me back a large chunk of my life and sanity Rapidly Grow Your Business While Staying Sane, Focused And FulfilledWhat If You Could Generaterapid, Profitable Growthto Fund Your Desired Lifestyle Imagine Yourbusinessrunning Without You, So You Re Free Tochoosehow To Spend Your Time Would You Like To Staysane, Focused Fulfilleddespite The Challenges Of Life In Business The International BestsellerFusing Cutting Edge Business Strategy With Powerful Mindfulness Practices, The International Bestseller,The Mindful Entrepreneur, Will Equip You With A Proven, Step By Step Process For Business Successandpersonal FulfilmentThe Mindful Entrepreneuris Co Authored By Leading Business Coach And Bestselling Author, Joel Gerschman Drawing On Years Of Battle Tested Experience Running Multiple Fast Growing Start Ups And Learning Under Some Of The World S Leading Business Gurus, IncludingE MythauthorMichael Gerber, Joel Has Helped Thousands Of Business Leaders Totransform Their Businesses AndlivesChronicling The True Story Of One Entrepreneurs Journey,The Mindful Entrepreneurprovides A Raw, Brutally Honest Account Of How To Transform The Frustrationsand Struggles Faced By Countless Business Owners Into Stability, Growth, Freedom And MeaningWhether Youre Scaling Up Or Starting Up A Business, Working From Home Or Building A Multi Store Franchise, Youll Love How Powerful Strategies From Classics Like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think And Grow Rich, The Habits Of Highly Effective People And The E Myth Revisited Come To Life Through An Engaging Story Packed With Practical FREE Tools And ResourcesWhat You Ll Learn Learn The Secretto Designing A Rock Solid Business Plan And Strategy,including How To Align Your Team Around A Clear, Inspiring Business PurposeIdentify The Most Lucrative Niche To Focus OnDifferentiateyourself To Stand Out From CompetitorsCreate Measurable Objectives To Track And Motivateperformance Learn The Sales And Marketing Strategies That Drive Rapid Growth, Including How To Identify The Primary Drivers Of Real Business GrowthSelect The Advertising Channels That Reach Your Target MarketImplement Trust Building Strategies To Boost ConversionsApply Retention, Up Selling And Referral Strategies To Create Profitable Customers For Life Learn The Formula For Making Your Business Run Without You,including How To Create Job Clarity Through A Crystal Clear Organisational StructureEmpower Staff To Reach Their PotentialCreate Production And Delivery Systems That Work Seamlessly, Like A Franchise Business, No Matter Whos Operating ThemBuild Staff Accountability So Your Finger Is Always On The Pulse, Even When Youre Not There Learn Strategies Forstaying Sane, Focused Fulfilled,including How To Identify The Core Values That Drive, Motivateand InspireyouApply Your Values Across Your Life To Create Real FulfilmentBuild Resilience To Overcome Thechallenges Of Life In BusinessDevelopreflection Strategies To Enable Continuous Learning AndgrowthIf You Want Growth, Freedom And Fulfilment, Pick Up Your Copy OfThe Mindful Entrepreneurtoday By Clicking TheBUY NOWbutton At The Topthis Page

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