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The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World (English Edition) Splendid And Necessary Henry Marsh, Author Of Do No Harm, New StatesmanThere Are Dramatic Differences In Health Between Countries And Within Countries But This Is Not A Simple Matter Of Rich And Poor A Poor Man In Glasgow Is Rich Compared To The Average Indian, But The Glaswegian S Life Expectancy Is Years Shorter The Indian Is Dying Of Infectious Disease Linked To His Poverty The Glaswegian Of Violent Death, Suicide, Heart Disease Linked To A Rich Country S Version Of Disadvantage In All Countries, People At Relative Social Disadvantage Suffer Health Disadvantage, Dramatically So Within Countries, The Higher The Social Status Of Individuals The Better Is Their Health These Health Inequalities Defy Usual Explanations Conventional Approaches To Improving Health Have Emphasised Access To Technical Solutions Improved Medical Care, Sanitation, And Control Of Disease Vectors Or Behaviours Smoking, Drinking Obesity, Linked To Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancer These Approaches Only Go So Far Creating The Conditions For People To Lead Flourishing Lives, And Thus Empowering Individuals And Communities, Is Key To Reduction Of Health Inequalities In Addition To The Scale Of Material Success, Your Position In The Social Hierarchy Also Directly Affects Your Health, The Higher You Are On The Social Scale, The Longer You Will Live And The Better Your Health Will Be As People Change Rank, So Their Health Risk Changes What Makes These Health Inequalities Unjust Is That Evidence From Round The World Shows We Know What To Do To Make Them Smaller This New Evidence Is Compelling It Has The Potential To Change Radically The Way We Think About Health, And Indeed Society

About the Author: Michael Marmot

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Marmot author readers around the world.

9 thoughts on “The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World (English Edition)

  1. rudy rudy says:

    Perch abbiamo tutti esperienze di salute diverse Le risposte in questo libro Una drammatica verit scritta con un buon senso umoristico

  2. Gian Paolo Zara Gian Paolo Zara says:

    Analisi attenta e precisa dei fattori sociali alla base della salute e delle patologie Ricco di dati scientifici ma scritto in modo semplice e a volte ironico anche per chi non e medico o lavora nel campo sanitario

  3. Giorgio Giorgio says:

    Un libro assolutamente fondamentale scritto con stile brillate L impatto della crisi sulla salute, conseguenze e rimedi con molti dati e molti aneddoti Si legge con grande piacere.

  4. Antonio Muscolino Antonio Muscolino says:

    Interessanti libro per comprendere le differenze di salute esistenti fra i diversi Stati ed anche all interno dei singoli Stati Appare evidente l importanza della salute in tutte le politiche.

  5. Justin Justin says:

    Excellent book that enlightens you with the disparity of healthcare in the United States Comparing U.S health both around the globe and locally Bring forward compelling arguments and points As well as issues wow the U.S healthcare Much work has to be done and this book only emphasize the healthcare issue that is VERY relevant to American politics today Good read regarding this controversial topic

  6. Serious Home Chef Serious Home Chef says:

    Dr Sir Marmot spoke at the American Public Health Association s 2016 conference I was mesmerized by his discussion and ordered his book, THE HEALTH GAP at the end of his presentation Absolutely, a thorough narrative of problems and resolutions to give everyone a fair chance at health care on a global basis.

  7. Rich Mystery Rich Mystery says:

    It s a great topic, but the writing is very hard to follow and some sentences just don t make sense or the transition between topics and examples is weird Just a difficult read.

  8. Bruce Albert MacKay Bruce Albert MacKay says:

    Outstanding, clever, entertaining, and O so expert, this book is a gift and an absolute pleasure to readin other hands it could have been dreadfully boring If, as Einstein once said, you consider yourself to be a citizen of the world, then this book is the universal salve you ve been seeking But it, read it, enjoy

  9. marcel marcel says:

    Good book I feel because the author is coming from an European point of view he cannot fully understand the role race and white supremacy has played in health determination of African Americans living in America.

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