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Fake Fundamentals Among basketball coaches and purists, some drills and teaching points appear sacrosanct These drills persist despite mounting evidence of their ineffectiveness In Fake Fundamentals, Brian T McCormick, PhD expands upon The st Century Basketball Practice and condemnsspecific features of the traditional basketball practice Whereas some or all of the drills and teaching points are common to many, if not most, youth, high school, and college practices, the frequency of their use does not attest to their validity Through practical experience as a youth, high school, college, and professional coach, and research, McCormick demonstrates the flaws with these commonly used drills and teaching points, and provides alternatives to improve the way that the game is taught to young players While limited toof the most egregious examples, such as the defensive step slide, the ideas can be extrapolated to all areas of the game

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Brian T McCormick, PhD is a professional basketball coach, consultant, and clinician McCormick has coached professionally in Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden, taking a team to the finals in Denmark s 1st Division and being selected to coach in Sweden s Damligan All Star Game He has coached CYO, AAU, high school, junior college, and college basketball in the western United States, and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for two junior college basketball programs McCormick has directed clinics in Canada, China, Greece, Ghana, India, Macedonia, Trinidad Tobago, and throughout the United States, and spoken at coaching, strength conditioning, and sports psychology conferences in the United States and Canada McCormick completed his PhD in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah, and has had peer reviewed papers published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, and Strength Conditioning Journal.

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