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The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality (English Edition) A Nobel Prizewinning Economist Tells The Remarkable Story Of How The World Has Grown Healthier, Wealthier, But Also Unequal Over The Past Two And Half CenturiesThe World Is A Better Place Than It Used To Be People Are Healthier, Wealthier, And Live Longer Yet The Escapes From Destitution By So Many Has Left Gaping Inequalities Between People And Nations In The Great Escape, Nobel Prizewinning Economist Angus Deatonone Of The Foremost Experts On Economic Development And On Povertytells The Remarkable Story Of How, Beginning Years Ago, Some Parts Of The World Experienced Sustained Progress, Opening Up Gaps And Setting The Stage For Today S Disproportionately Unequal World Deaton Takes An In Depth Look At The Historical And Ongoing Patterns Behind The Health And Wealth Of Nations, And Addresses What Needs To Be Done To Help Those Left BehindDeaton Describes Vast Innovations And Wrenching Setbacks The Successes Of Antibiotics, Pest Control, Vaccinations, And Clean Water On The One Hand, And Disastrous Famines And The HIV AIDS Epidemic On The Other He Examines The United States, A Nation That Has Prospered But Is Today Experiencing Slower Growth And Increasing Inequality He Also Considers How Economic Growth In India And China Has Improved The Lives Of Than A Billion People Deaton Argues That International Aid Has Been Ineffective And Even Harmful He Suggests Alternative Effortsincluding Reforming Incentives To Drug Companies And Lifting Trade Restrictionsthat Will Allow The Developing World To Bring About Its Own Great EscapeDemonstrating How Changes In Health And Living Standards Have Transformed Our Lives, The Great Escape Is A Powerful Guide To Addressing The Well Being Of All Nations

9 thoughts on “The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality (English Edition)

  1. Andrea Ghione Andrea Ghione says:

    Molto interessanti le parti su wealth e health Ho trovato gratuita l ironia nei confronti di Paul Collier The bottom billion che invece ha avuto il grande merito di riportare al centro dell attenzione nella letteratura sullo sviluppo i paesi in situazione di conflitto e post conflitto La parte sull aiuto allo sviluppo l ho trovata raffazz

  2. Silvia S. Silvia S. says:

    Capolavoro del premio Nobel Ben scritto, ben argomentato, con documentazione inoppugnabile Molto raccomandato per chiunque abbia interessi economici e sociali.

  3. CarlKindle CarlKindle says:

    Deaton reveals his ability to write about important, difficult and complex matters in a simple way Highly recommended reading for borh economists and

  4. Cliente american-history.se Cliente american-history.se says:

    In un momento storico di grande tumultuosit tra culture, The Great Escape, dati alla mano, orienta l attenzione verso le necessit primarie che le Societ occidentali hanno affrontato ed affrontano con il lavoro e una dimensione laica della politica per darsi pi benessere da generazione a generazione.

  5. James Greenleaf James Greenleaf says:

    Insightful book about the global rise of living standards during the industrial era Charts a path between the political left and right on where the data supports inferences on economic growth, health and wellbeing, and inequality Deaton also generally reflects a recognition that economics often serves best by obtaining and analyzing data to demonstrate the impact of particular

  6. Brian M. Boglitz Brian M. Boglitz says:

    Angus Deaton of course won the Nobel Prize, but that does not automatically make him a great writer for a mass market book However, he is in fact a great writer, and he weaves together facts and the limitations of those facts in a compelling way You may have heard a lot of the information in this book in different contexts, but the overall narrative is fascinating and well worth the time

  7. Grace O Grace O says:

    2015 Nobel prizewinner in Economics Conversational writing style with enough research background to satisfy experts This addresses the biggest issue of our time in money inequality Deaton has been studying this for than 25 years I have been studying this topic for 4 years for a local non partisan civic organization If I have one recommendation to read on this topic it would be this book It lays out the facts and issues I have gleaned from a myriad of sources over the past few years.


    This is clearly the most insightful book I ve read for sometime In contrast to so much we read today, this book is optimistic about social and economic progress It s policy recommendations for developed countries are largely hurried and not very well justified all except for one, and that one is very important He makes a very strong, fact based claim that foreign aide as we think of it is largely wasted Ame

  9. Carlos A. Cinquetti Carlos A. Cinquetti says:

    Some great economists, which we used to know only through very formal papers, are proving to be good writer Among them, Deaton excels It brings very good stories with an exposition that we feel like reading a Tolstoi of Science He knows how to tell good stories, which any scientific writing should search, and which involves concepts and notions that evolve There some impressing exposition on Wealth and Health, on Inc

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