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Calico Joe (English Edition) L atmosfera e lo spirito del libro sono davvero interessantitipicamente USA.La trama e l intreccio sono a volte un poco scontate, per sempre bella l analisi psicologica, John Grisham takes a complete novice into the exciting world of Baseball and invites you to explore it s interesting characters in a gripping and moving read It s an incredible story that exposes the ugliness of our human hearts, the sometimes monumental consequences of our actions and the peace that comes through forgiveness and restoration It reveals the power and wonder of true forgiveness between fellow human beings but also highlights the tragedy of unnecessary wasted years of broken relationships It will educate, thrill, grip and move you as you quickly turn from one page to the next As the story came to a close I couldn t help but think about the greater forgiveness and restoration we all need in this life and beyond Outstanding A complete departure from the author s usual subject matter Not being very knowledgeable about Baseball I now feel grounded in the sport and am looking forward to attending a game when I next visit my sister in Toronto The story line touched me as I could identify somewhat with one of the main characters I looked forward to reading the book each evening and am grateful for the author s continued output. Though the story is well written, as you would expect from John Grisham, the reader will be caught out if they do not understand the language of baseball I found myself skipping large parts of the text in an effort to keep up with the human aspect of the story Sorry, this one is not a tale I would bother to read again Only for diehard baseball fans. Not over impressed with this novel, I have read many JG stories and this one was the most boring, apart from the last 3 chapters Gordon K,Spain I suppose the detailed rules of baseball in the prologue should have warned me about the content I had to skip a lot of pages due to the excessive baseball information The story itself was a bit thin and could easily be passed as a short story rather than a book, for die hard fans only. No one does it better than Grisham Telegraph A fathers guilt A sons redemption Thirty years have passed since eleven year old Paul Tracy watched his troubled father, Warren, a pitcher for the New York Mets, clash with his childhood hero, the Cubs golden boy Joe Castle, in a contest from which no winners emergedNow the news that his father is dying brings the memory of that day flooding back Deciding that its time to face up to what really happened on that baseball field in , father and son make their way to Calico Rock, Arkansas, where either redemption or rejection awaits them THE INNOCENT MAN by John Grisham is now a major six part documentary series on Netflix What readers are saying about CALICO JOEHooked from start to finishSTARSRivetingSTARSA delicious meal of a bookSTARS I enjoyed the book, but there was far too much detail about baseball in it My own fault I should ve realised when there was a whole section at the beginning explaining the rules in depth which I skipped by the way His characterisation is still good, I loved the newspaperman, Clarence Grisham is still a good read no matter what he writes, but I didn t feel the need to carry on till the end in one sitting which I have done with his other books, I suppose I just prefer his law books Although saying that, I really enjoyed Playing for Pizza which was about an American footballer. I m surprised by the negative reviews blasting this as being like a statistical book about baseball It isn t, at all a couple of the earlier chapters focus on particular games, but not from a statistical point of view, and as the larger story reveals itself, it s clear that baseball is just the backdrop to what is really about a son s quest to get his despised father to go some way to redeeming himself and do something to repair their broken relationship It s a short book but it s well written and, in its way, touching Grisham doesn t do this sort of thing as well as he does the courtroom thrillers, but I d rank this as the finest of his attempts at literary fiction. If you like the intricacies of baseball then this is for you otherwise skip this John Grisham book, the only one I ve read for which I have not given five stars I did read the preface that gave the rules for the game, to give it a fair crack but was not prepared for how it dominated the storyline.To get to the plot, I skimmed through the game pages but I can t tell you how it transpires as I fell asleep Not his best by far

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