The Boys of Summer (Harperperennial Modern Classics) eBook: Roger Kahn: Kindle Store Prime – The Boys of Summer (Harperperennial Modern Classics) eBook: Roger Kahn: Kindle Store At a point in life when one is through with boyhood, but has not yet discovered how to be a man, it was my fortune to travel with the most marvelously appealing of teams Sentimental because it holds such promise, and bittersweet because that promise is past, the first sentence of this masterpiece of sporting literature, first published in the early s, sets its tone What follows only gets better, deeper,sentimental, andbittersweet The team, of course, is the mid th century Brooklyn Dodgers, the team of Robinson and Snyder and Hodges and Reese, a team of great triumph and historical import composed of men whose fragile lives were filled with dignity and pathos Roger Kahn, who covered that team for the New York Herald Tribune, makes understandable humans of his heroes as he chronicles the dreams and exploits of their young lives, beautifully intertwining them with his own, then recounts how so many of those sweet dreams curdled as the body of these once shining stars grew rusty with age and battered by experience It is the rare sports book that cannot be contained by the limitations of its genre it is equal parts journalism, memoir, social history, and poetryTo writer Roger Kahn, the old Brooklyn Dodgers National League baseball team is a forever a priceless violin and he is the bow which must play upon it This isn t a book it s a love affair between a man, his team, and an era Christian Science MonitorA work of high purpose and poetic accomplishment The finest American book on sports I commend it without qualification James MichenerKahn s book is marvelousa splendid historical work It is about youthful dreams in small American towns and big cities decades ago, and how some of these dreams where fulfilled, and about what happened to those dreamers after reality and old age arrived It is also a book about ourselves, those of us who shared and identified with the dreams and glories of our heroes Gay TaleseRoger Kahn has achieved the near impossible in his The Boys of Summer by writing two splendid books in one, neither of which, strangely enough, is a sports book although baseball is the central theme of both To Mr Kahn, people is the name of the game, and it s a game he plays with brilliance, insight and thoughtfulness To say that I enjoyed the book is to say that winning a World Championship is interesting , owing a derby winner nice , and starring in the Super Bowl fun Bill VeeckWhat most people look for in a book is a good story Roger Kahn gives us about fifteen of them woven into one coherent narrative that is moving and funny and sentimental about people and things that merit sentiment and cynical about those that don t Ring Lardner, Jr

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