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Pretty Little Liars: Number 1 in series (English Edition) The story is great, very suspenseful and intriguing I started this series because I had seen the TV show based on it and I had heard that there are some major differences between the two The only reason I gave it four stars is because the books are written for a much younger age group I started watching the show, which is meant for older audiences older teens and up , when I was in my mid to late twenties, but the books feel like they are written for younger teens so I had a hard time fully enjoying it I actually gave up on reading it eventually It s great for younger pre teens and tweens, but if you re older and want to read it because of the TV show, just be aware that the writing style is not as adult like as the show. Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna And Alison Have Been Best Friends Since The Third Grade They Go Everywhere Together, Thinking No One Can Come Between Them If Anyone Is The Ringleader Of The Group It Is Alison, And The Other Girls Cannot Help But Confide All Their Secrets To HerOne Night, During A Sleepover, Alison Goes Missing Her Body Is Never Found The Girls Mourn Her Death But Move Apart After Time, Assuming Their Secrets Have Disappeared With Alison TooThree Years Later And Aria Is Having An Affair With Her Teacher Emily Is Questioning Her Sexuality Hanna Is A Thief And Spencer Is Flirting With Her Sister S Fiance They All Think Their Secrets Are Safe, Until They Starting Receiving Messages From The Mysterious A Who Knows Exactly What They Are All Up To, And Is Threatening To Spill The Beans Non mi piace molto il formato, un p consumato in qualche piccola parte e le pagine sono molto sottili ed un libro a cui va messa una cover per non rovinarlo Quindi do 3 stelle I bought a book expecting the basic literary elements of character, plot, conflict, resolutionbut all I got were the characters This novel does not stand aloneit is basically a complete introduction to the next novel Basically a marketing ploy to make readers buy books than they have to Waste of money Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard is one of the best YA stories that I have read so far in this new year I admit I binge watched the TV show first before reading the books Neither one was a disappointment What I am almost ashamed to admit is that I finished this book in one day.Each of the main characters got equal time in the story The dialogue was believable The only thing I had an issue with that almost took me out of the story was all the high end fashion labels that was name dropped throughout the whole book Yes, we get it the Liars love their high end stuff.If you like YA stories packed with mystery, action, and drama then this is the book for you I would recommend it to those who like this genre I give it 4.5 Platypires. This is one of those series that I really wish that I had read before I watched the television show The reason I say this is because the show and the actresses have spoiled me I envision the actresses from the show when I read the book and find myself slightly disappointed when they act differently.I still really enjoy the book and the in depth story We get to learn a little about Alison, I think, and I ve heard that the television series goes really differently compared to the books Based on that, I m very curious about what happens in the future books I can t wait to read further into the series and see where they lead.Also, am I the only one that s crazy over the covers Rating 3 StarsCharacters Aria and Hannah. It s been three years since the night Alison went missing leaving Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah on their own Alison was the glue that held them together and without her the girls drifted apart moving off on their own paths Each girl has spent the last three years changing while Aria really had the chance to find herself in Finland, and Hannah lost all the weight to be the hottest girl in school While Emily has worked hard at swimming and is already being watched by scouts and Spencer is focused on academics being better than her older sister.Alison was known for knowing a lot than most about the girls and when start showing up only things that Alison knew the girls start to question what happened to her Someone knows about their lives and is threating to reveal all their secrets The girls are wondering if Alison has returned after all this time gone The case has long been cold but a new lead may just change everything.We have four points of view a little insight from each girl who happens to each being dealing with her own share of problems I didn t have a favorite girl who I was able to connect with like I did on the show but that could be because it s only been a week in the book.I ve been on the fence since I watched the first season of the TV show on ABC family I recently got into a little chat about who could possibly be A on the TV show and decided to give it a shot First off the girls don t look like they do on the show and it kind of irked me a bit It was interesting to see how it played out in the book and I honestly think it works better I like that we get to see an insight into each of the girls lives and found it interesting that while it s different from the show some things still are the same Pretty little Liars is a YA mystery that mixes a coming of age story entwined with romance and tragedy The author had done a great job of weaving a captivating story I m curious to see how the series plays out and I very well may read the rest of the books they are quick and fast paced reads. Perfetto libro per adolescenti,avvincente e coinvolgente da leggere anche i seguiti spedizione veloce e prodotto in condizioni perfette come sempre

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