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The Art of Magic: the Gathering: Ravnica Acquistato come regalo per il mio ragazzo, appassionato di Magic, in particolare di Dominaria.Niente da dire, regalo graditissimo D I pre ordered this book and was not disappointed If you are into the art and lore of Magic The Gathering this is a must have The book has weight with solid binding and when gently opened there was no cracking sounds like a cheap coffee table book This is a high quality production book If you are like me and had to strain your eyes to appreciate the artwork, this book is a godsend as many of the illustrations are enlarged to fully appreciate the details by your favorite artists.For those who have been following the lore of Innistrad, this book further adds details you won t get from Wizards site thanks to James Wyatt s contribution to the details for example Nahiri has played on their discontent and given them new masters to serve I really think Wyatt s deep background from the early days of Dnew car smell. Ottimo prodotto, grande qualit delle immagini e del materiale, copertina e carta in primis Consigliato agli amanti delle arti figurative e ai collezionisti. Meraviglioso, come ogni art book di Magic This book is awesome Don t be fooled by the name which is a bit of a misnomer While this book does have full pages, 3 4 pages and half pages of artwork it also contains ALL of the plot of both the Innistrad and Shadows Over Innistrad blocks It includes everything from the basic background of the plane to character bios and the story from the creation of vampirism on Innistrad to the creation of Avacyn all the way through the end of the Eldritch Moon storyline This book is an awesome buy for anyone who loves Magic or is just an avid fantasy gothic horror fan You don t have to know the game to get into it, in fact it is solely story based It is an awesome buy with the quality that exceeds the price tag. How about we talk about the currently latest in the The Art of Magic The Gathering RavnicaAs with all the other s in this series of looks into the multiverse of M TG, Ravinca is an excellent book of art put together from across the main two sets of the current story arc in the card game As with the rest of the books the artwork is the best feature as well as the accompanying world building lore that you get only the briefest scraps of in the cards themselves The most of the chapters focus on each of the ten Guilds of the Cityscape plane of Ravinica After the usual M TG explanations of the colors of Magic, Planeswalkers etc come the brief overview chapter of the world of Ravnica at large The the meat of the book begins with each of the Guild focused chapters.The Azorius Senate the Blue White Lawmakers of the Plane.The Orzhov Syndicate, a White Black church front led by the greedy spirits of the long dead preying on the living followersHouse Dmir, The Black Blue spymasters guild spies, informants, assassins and others that the other guilds hire to get the dirt on each other, all the while keeping enough for themselves to make their own power plays.The Izzet League, a group of Blue Red research magicians and artificers making what they can because FOR SCIENCE led by an ancient dragon.The Cult of Rakdos, Black Red demon worshiping sadists who praise their master by offering up the most entertaining show they can.The Golgari Swarm, Black Green denizens of the deep city, sewers, and decayed areas Life and Death are the cycle they believe in.The Gruul Clans, Wild groups of Green Red savage tribes who detest the city and destroy all vestments of civilization they come across.The Boros Legion, White Red Army and righteous law enforcement of the Plane Led by Angels into glorius battle against the forces that would threaten the peace of the plane.The Selesnya Conclave, Green White the ones at peace with Nature who wish to return the city to a beautiful natural state led by a trio of dryads who interpret the voice of the World Tree.And then the Simic Combine the Green Blue biomancer opposites of the Izzet league Willing to experiment on themselves with combining each other with other lifeforms to improve themselves.The next chapter then go into some of the backstory of the underlying plot the game at large has told with the chapter Claws of the Mastermind Diving into the plot and machinations of Nicol Bolas as they come together on Ravnica leading into the next War of the Sparks set.Lastly we end at a short look at how each of the Guilds have changed over the last 14 years in the three major visits to Ravnica we have seen.And that s kind of the issue I have with the Artbooks on returning worlds It makes sense for the books to primarily focus on the newer sets to promote them, but for worlds like Dominaria and Ravnica with so much previous to draw from it would be great alone to draw from the older sets as well to see how much things have changed But overall the book is another great look at the art and lore of the current world the game is set in now. Magnificent Hardcover Art Books Featuring The Incredible Images And Lore Of Magic The Gathering Danger And Adventure Await In These Pages, Lavishly Illustrated With The Award Winning Art OfMagic The Gathering The Seventh Book In VIZ Medias Acclaimed Series Of Massive Hardcover Art Books Featuring The Incredible Images OfMagic The Gathering The Alliances Were Already Frayed All We Do Is Find The Loose Threads And Pluck Lazav, House Dimir Guildmaster An Eternity Of Winding Streets, Dark Alleys, Towering Structures, And Rubble Strewn Ruins Make Up The World Of Ravnica In This Sprawling City, Ten Guilds Are Locked In A Perpetual Struggle For Influence And Dominance, Each One Seeking To Advance Its Own Agenda And Philosophyand Now Its Time To Choose Your Place In This Conflict In These Pages, Lavishly Illustrated With The Award Winning Art OfMagic The Gathering, Youll Learn The Deepest Secrets Of The Guilds And The Plots Unfolding In Their Ranks Choose Your Guild And Take Your Place In Ravnica, The Greatest City In The Multiverse

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