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Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers best manual about comic books ever I mean EVER Clear and very usefull Every wanna be or pro artist should have it on his her desk. The Ultimate Guide To Visual Storytelling How To Make The Audience Feel The Story While They Are Reading The Story Using His Experiences From Working In The Comic Book Industry, Movie Studios And Teaching, Marcos Introduces The Reader To A Step By Step System That Will Create The Most Successful Storyboards And Graphics For The Best Visual Communication After A Brief Discussion On Narrative Art, Marcos Introduces Us To Drawing And Composing A Single Image, To Composing Steady Shots To Drawing To Compose For Continuity Between All The Shots These Lessons Are Then Applied To Three Diverse Story Lines A Train Accident, A Cowboy Tale And Bikers Approaching A Mysterious House In Addition To Setting Up The Shots, He Also Explains And Illustrates Visual Character Development, Emotive Stances And Expressions Along With Development Of The Environmental Setting To Fully Develop The Visual Narrative Molto dettagliato , ottime illustrazioni non fine a se stesse e grafica del Book elegante e studiata cosa rara su questo genereinsomma entra nella mia top 15 Esiste una versione in italiano L ho trovato molto utile, ma devo consigliarlo ad alcuni studenti E in inglese non lo studierebbero mai Per questo motivo vorrei sapere se esiste lo stesso libro, ma in italiano Grazie anticipatamente. If you ever considered drawing comics or animation storyboards, you must not miss this book Truly, one of the best manuals i ve got Consigli davvero utili che stanno alla base della composizione, descrizioni e disegni piacevoli da leggere e guardare, ottima il libro molto interessante e ben fatto,utile a chi interessa capire la composizione dell immagine attraverso esempi esaustiviPerfetto sia per il fumetto che per il cinema

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