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John Virgo: Say Goodnight, JV - My Autobiography In this revelatory memoir, snooker player John Virgo turns the spotlight on himself, sharing secrets from his forty years at the top of one of the world s most popular sportsFamous for his hilarious impersonations of snooker s biggest stars, JV is a household name thanks to his razor sharp BBC Snooker commentary and the much loved quiz show Big BreakA fascinating insight into British sporting life, taking readers from John s childhood in Salford, through smoky snooker dens, to tournaments and championships all over the world, as he relives travelling on Concorde, rubbing shoulders with royalty and muchAdmiringly nicknamed Mr Perfection , John tells how he overcame adversity to become UK champion, yet also reveals how gambling wrecked his dreams of becoming World Champion, and almost bankrupted himAn affectionate reminder of a time when Britain and sport took themselves a little less seriouslyWith a foreword by snooker legend Jimmy White

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