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147 Snooker Drills and Exercises This bookpresents a range of practice routines that covers all aspects of a players game Some are advanced than others, allowing the player working on a particular area of their game to pick out the exercises they feel will help them most The routines become difficult as the pages go on, so the beginner can work through them and use them to set targets to make their practice competitive For coaches, the routines will assist in giving variety in lessons and helping to set targets in lessons

13 thoughts on “147 Snooker Drills and Exercises

  1. Glyn Williams - Author & Marketing Specialist Glyn Williams - Author & Marketing Specialist says:

    The idea of some practice drills is great but you need to be able to see the set up and understand the instructions The graphics of the table setups are just poor the cloth is represented as so dark that you can never see anything but white, yellow, red and black the green and brown just merge into

  2. Malcolm Clarke Malcolm Clarke says:

    All of the drills are explained with advice given on how to progress the drill and what areas of your game it will improve.The reason I have given the book four rather than five stars is that the graphics of the table are not optimised The shade of green used for the tables is far too dark and couple

  3. Mr. T. A. Clarke Mr. T. A. Clarke says:

    The book is well produced, however the diagrams are a little small and sometimes it is not clear what is expected The exercises go from very simple to quite difficult very soon and it would have been a help to the beginner to be given a description of what side, stun, etc does to a ball, after contact

  4. Paul J Paul J says:

    The book is well illustrated and is a good reminder of lots of simple practice routines and how they can help to improve your game You can pick the ones that relate to different areas you need to improve on.

  5. Patrick Patrick says:

    Have multiple snooker books and this is one of the best by far, repetitive in nature but a very helpful layout and a good variation of challenges for newbies and experienced players alike.

  6. richard d mask richard d mask says:

    the snooker secret books are overpriced for their content volume with the how to cue book being quite basic and somewhat puffed up with large print and pictures in order to push it to a 41 page length so that it would appear the purchaser is receiving value Disappointing

  7. mrs v swain mrs v swain says:

    Great item excellent value prompt delivery

  8. Christopher Carter Christopher Carter says:

    Book content useful and exactly as described, delivered promptly Many thanks.

  9. Mr. C. Gaynor Mr. C. Gaynor says:

    Great routines in this book Some great trivia snooker knowledge and tips for playing better

  10. alan jones alan jones says:

    Good plays

  11. paul smith paul smith says:

    Good book

  12. Geeembee Geeembee says:

    Too small and diagrams too dark green.Difficult to read.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    The drills seem reasonable but the illustrations are absolutely terrible With the VERY dark green background of the felt it is nearly impossible to see or see the difference between the black, green, blue or brown balls Could have easily been dealt with by making the felt a much lighter green or by circling or

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