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Baseball Prospectus 2019: The Essential Guide to the 2019 Season Theedition of The New York Times Bestselling GuideAY BALL The th edition of this industry leading baseball annual contains all of the important statistics, player predictions and insider level commentary that readers have come to expect, along with significant improvements to several statistics that were created by, and are exclusive to, Baseball Prospectus, and an expanded focus on international players and teams Baseball Prospectusprovides fantasy players and insiders alike with prescient PECOTA projections, which The New York Times called the berforecast of every player s performance With thanBaseball Prospectus alumni currently working for major league baseball teams, nearly every organization has sought the advice of current or former BP analysts, and readers of Baseball Prospectuswill understand why

15 thoughts on “Baseball Prospectus 2019: The Essential Guide to the 2019 Season

  1. Alex Kerrigan Alex Kerrigan says:

    Very insightful and brings a whole new way of analysing baseball statistics

  2. Edward A Kozinski Edward A Kozinski says:

    Always my baseball go to preseason and a great reference guide anytime during the season

  3. Todd M. Steed Todd M. Steed says:

    When a certain digital voice told me this was coming in the mail, I canceled my appointments and warned my family I would not be available for even minor social exchanges This wonderful book is the first sign of spring, spring training and you know what ball.How does this stack up to previous years It s better Either my eyeballs have improved from

  4. Rocket Arm Rocket Arm says:

    I ve become increasingly dissatisfied with Baseball Prospectus over the past few years in use as a resource for fantasy baseball research I think PECOTA projections are TOO conservative For example, in an attempt to reject recency bias, I think BP goers too far and minimizes signs of a breakout from a young player But most annoying is BPs use of sar

  5. Jason Brendel Jason Brendel says:

    Some of the essays in this book are really great, and you can tell a lot of the contributors are really solid writers The introduction was well written and the overall structure and feel of the book is beautiful for any baseball nut.The player profiles leave something to be desired at times I m a massive fan of anything humorous, and love when humor

  6. A BP Fan A BP Fan says:

    Even though I m a BP Fan, I ve been critical of the book for the last two years because of the overuse of jokes and the poor two year forecasts The 2019 is an improvement, in my opinion There are fewer jokes and analyses, and the forecasts, while admittedly conservative, are for one year, not two This year s BP certainly is a step in the right direct

  7. N. Bilmes N. Bilmes says:

    This year s BP annual has been a terrific and timely read as I prepare for my trio of fantasy baseball leagues The writing is less snarky, and there are fewer less than borderline players who are given coverage Some team essays are excellent I enjoyed guest writer Nick Offerman s Cubs piece I find their prospect rankings to be an awesome feature, and h

  8. Cristal Cristal says:

    After two straight down years, the Annual makes a triumphant return to the big stage Of the 30 team essays there was only one or two that were poor, a marked improvement over both 17 and 18 The player comments, while not exactly vintage Christina Kahrl, were generally fun and informative 5 stars is out of reach for the annual due to the atrocious compos

  9. Brian A. Powell Brian A. Powell says:

    Once again the Baseball Prospectus staff provides us with capsule summaries of all players likely to appear in a major league game and each team s best prospects An essay discussing the direction of the franchise is provided for each team BP is noted for the general accuracy of its projections.The attempts at humor can be sometimes strained and comments

  10. krsheets krsheets says:

    With free agents getting signed later and later every year, Baseball Prospectus would be better off not publishing until mid March Unfortunately, this years Prospectus does not capture a lot of late free agent acquisitions.

  11. K Smith K Smith says:

    The kindle version is awful you cant really adjust the font or text size to a normal level Im sad to say the writing has fallen off since 2010 I know they lose a lot of people to MLB teams but seems less insight data and less effort skill talent I would STILL buy this paperback but it s a fortune Unfortunately the digital version just doesn t cut it.

  12. Samuel Baker Samuel Baker says:

    I know when Spring is around the corner when my yearly Baseball Prospectus arrives Soon after the turn of the millennium it assumed from Bill James s annual the title of essential yearly baseball tome and after a few meh years earlier this decade its found its footing again The team essays are brilliant and I find the player profiles uniquely helpful to me

  13. John R. Dudley John R. Dudley says:

    An indispensable resource for the baseball fan who needs state of the art statistics and background information If you just want to know ERA, BA and HR this isn t for you This book is for the guy who needs to know it all I can t live without it I pick it up every time I watch a game on TV A natural extension of the Baseball Abstract that Bill James used to w

  14. S. Westcott S. Westcott says:

    The annual has been essential for those who study the game from both a player and team perspective each year This year s edition has topped itself with the quality of the essays The short essay from Nic Offerman on the Chicago Cubs was a nice surprise.

  15. Bryan J. Bryan J. says:

    The perfect coffee table book So much information You can pick it up and open it to any page and learn something Also, some of the player blurbs are wonderfully hilarious The in depth team essays are usually pretty good too Unbelievable access to stats and predictions considering the price This is a must for baseball fans, especially those who play fantasy.

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