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100 Cartoon Faces & Expressions Cartooning Faces Expressions Covers The Fundamentals Of Creating Cartoon Heads And Faces This Page Book Includes Instruction On Selecting Face Shape, Rendering Features, Exaggerating, And Modifying Features To Suggest Mood And Personality The Title Also Features A Wide Range Of Step By Step Cartoon Heads So Beginners Can Practice A Variety Of Expressions Before Applying Them To Their Own Characters Additionally, Readers Will Benefit From Inspiring Tips On The Animation Process And Information On Using Computer Programs To Enhance Or Color The Characters

5 thoughts on “100 Cartoon Faces & Expressions

  1. Mary Beth Mary Beth says:

    I bought this as gift for my daughter Great instructions easy to understand.

  2. Cynthia Cannon Cynthia Cannon says:

    Having fun with this book and great for beginners.

  3. keith jimenez keith jimenez says:

    Great book

  4. Customer Customer says:

    I pictured it thicker.

  5. Hsiu-Chun Ho Hsiu-Chun Ho says:

    Nice and big book, easy for kids to read

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