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The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III: Advanced Programming for Serious Strength and Power Frdric Delavier, the mastermind of the best selling Strength Training Anatomy phenomenon, is at it again More than two million readers have turned to his books, including Strength Training Anatomy, to find the most effective exercises in strength training The Strength Training Anatomy Workout provided beginners with program guidelines to develop fitness and athletic performance The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II followed to offer serious strength trainers and bodybuilders the keys to creating lean muscle mass Now, in The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III, Delavier and coauthor Michael Gundill pick up where Volume II left off to help you continue developing beyond the tapering phase with advanced training techniques This guide uncovers the secrets of strength training to address three problems facing serious athletes How to achieve strength gains when the you progress, the harder it is to progress furtherHow to keep popular misconceptions from limiting your trainingHow to solve typical problems that you experience after years of strength trainingThe Strength Training Anatomy Workout III is loaded withof Delaviers unparalleled illustrations andphotos depicting proper exercise technique and highlighting how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures Exercise descriptions include technique, explanation of muscle engagement and interactions, variations, benefits, limitations, and safety considerations Youll assemble these exercises into advanced programs for long term strength and muscle development Break past your training plateaus with high tech strength training protocols like electrical stimulation, blood flow restriction, and vibration and oscillation training Avoid injury and muscle fatigue with advanced strategies that promote nerve, tendon, and joint recovery In the striking detail that only Frdric Delavier provides, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III will help you cross the threshold to advanced muscle development and strength gains Awesome book Lots of great ideas. Esposizione chiara e di veloce apprendimento Non tratta gli argomenti in modo esaustivo ma un valido trattato I disegni dettagliati ed anche artistici fanno la loro parte. Tr s bien This was really kind of a letdown previous books in the series were better organized, much attractively presented the photos were both uninspired and uninspiring and way, way too much emphasis was given to isolation machines I should have cancelled the order when that option was offered.

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