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Running World Snooker Champion Ronnie O Sullivan s frank and honest account of his astonishingly dramatic lifeI used to rely on drugs and alcohol to keep me going, but now I ve got the healthiest addiction going runningThis book explains how running has helped me to fight my demons my addictive personality, depression, my dad s murder conviction, the painful break up with the mother of my children and allowed me to win five World Snooker ChampionshipsIt is also about all of the great things in my life my kids, snooker, my dad s release from prison, great mates who have helped me, and the psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters, who has taught me how not to run away when things get toughFinally, it s about what it s like to get the buzz from running, from snooker, from life Because when it comes down to it, everyone needs something to drive them on

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