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Destination Branding for Small Cities: The Essentials for Successful Place Branding A valuable and essential read for anyone working with a city, county or state thinking about bringing tourist to their location as a source of increased revenue Too often a logo and brand idea end up in the trash because the initial idea to attract tourism goes no further than appearance No consideration was given to selling the brand or backing up the brand with a credible product This book tells it all and the implementation plan provided provides sound advise on how to develop a brand identity program and launch it successfully. I ve done much branding and with my first destination branding challenge looming I used this book to guide me Superb Easy to follow and understand, and gave me the result I was looking for Book is high on process and then what to do at each stage Just what a good branding practitioner needs Bill delivers on his Brand Promise Good on you Bill Bill Baker seems like a very experienced professional in regards to city branding.Still, it seems like he doesn t want to tell you anything important or useful in the book.It lacks examples, case studies, useful information about how to brand a city, historic overview and such.At the end, it seems like an over extended brochure about why you should hire and expert.Bill you can do better. This book is an excellent introduction for small communities seeking to brand where they live Also great for neighborhood associations. I d say this is a must read book for anyone involved in working on rebranding a city region from the secretary, to the parks department to the marketers in charge. In His Second Book, Destination Branding For Small Cities Second Edition, Bill Baker Again Skillfully Cuts Through The Theory, Advertisingbranding Speak And Jargon To Provide A Step By Step Roadmap For Branding Small Cities And Destinations To Improve Their Tourism And Economic Development Competitiveness

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