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The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia The Gold s Gym Training Encyclopedia is the best book of its kind I wish I d had this book when I began bodybuilding It would have saved me two or three years of wasted effort Samir Bannout, Mr OlympiaGold s Gym the most trusted and best known bodybuilding emporium in the world presents the first encyclopedia of bodybuilding and weight training exercises and routines ever assembled The Gold s Gym Training Encyclopedia details the full spectrum of resistance exercises available body part by body part, technique by technique Featured arethanproven exercises for all parts of the body, using free weights as well as Nautilus and Universal machines Each exercise is clearly described and is illustrated by champion bodybuilders only, who in addition have contributedof their best training programs Such top stars include Scott Wilson, Carla Dunlap, Mohamed Makkawy, Tom Platz, Casey Viator, Tim Belknap, Rachel McLish, Mike Christian, Charles Glass, Inger Zetterqvist, Sue Ann McKean, Andreas Cahling, Rich Valente, Boyer Coe, Samir Bannout, and Julie McNew Peter Grymkowski has won a number of bodybuilding titles, including IFBB Mr World and Mr America heavyweight He, Edward Connors, and Tim Kimber are co owners of Gold s Gym Enterprises, Inc Bill Reynolds is the author of scores of articles and books on weight training and bodybuilding, including The Gold s Gym Book of Bodybuilding, Weight Training for Beginners, and Bodybuilding for Beginners, all published by Contemporary

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