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Running: The Autobiography World snooker champion Ronnie O Sullivan s frank and honest account of his astonishingly dramatic lifeRunning is my drug To be honest, drugs and alcohol used to be my drug, but now I ve got the healthiest addiction goingRunning is what has helped me fight my demons, win five world snooker championships, and cope with all the crap life s thrown at me They say what doesn t kill you makes you stronger, and in this book I look at everything that hasn t killed me, but has had a good go my addictive personality, depression, my dad s murder conviction, the painful break up with the mother of my children, the difficulty of balancing family life with that of a sportsman Those are the downersBut it s also about the great things in my life my kids, snooker, my dad s release from prison, great mates who have helped me, and the psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters who has taught me how not to run away from life when it gets trickyFor the first time, I explain some of my madder moments why I walked out in the middle of a match against Stephen Hendry, why I sat with a wet cloth over my face in a match against Mark KingThis is a book about what it takes to be a champion the sacrifices you have to make, the obsessive practice, the selfishness Finally, it s a book about what it s like to get the buzz and I hope anybody who s ever got the running buzz will relate to this

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