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Bowling Fundamentals Bowing Fundamentals teaches as you play Sequential instructions and accompanying photographs will guide you in proper execution of the game s essential skills and tactics All the fundamentals grip, stance, footwork, arm swing, timing, and release provide a base for solid technique

15 thoughts on “Bowling Fundamentals

  1. MrSpangles MrSpangles says:

    This book is a refreshing change from the overwhelming majority that ignore many basic faults I am impressed with the way the book points out common faults and shows how to fix them It also doesn t ignore us mortals who throw a straight ball and not a hook.A brilliant read for those wishing to improve and those wanting to understand the game from a biomecha

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Next best thing to a personal coach.

  3. Ken from Delta, BC Ken from Delta, BC says:

    As a beginner to the sport with a desire to improve my game I have taken coaching from a certified Bowling Coach This book agreed with everything he taught me and gave the reasoning behind it The book is easy to understand and is great to grab to fill in a few spare minutes and review the basics.The illustrations are good but the photographs look a little dat

  4. J. Cook J. Cook says:

    Great book for the beginner and review for the expert.I am a 73 year old man with ten year old hands, small.I have to top the ball because I have no strength.I shoot over two hundred though The spares are what count.Jim

  5. Sassy Westmont Sassy Westmont says:

    I bought this book for my husband He threw gutterballs and couldn t break 100 for the first three seasons we bowled on a league He took some lessons didn t help found someplace else to take lessons and change was astounding Our team mates thought aliens had overtaken him He loves reading bowling books and goes to the library often to get them I bought him this

  6. Mary Esterhammer-Fic Mary Esterhammer-Fic says:

    I recently discovered that I am a talented bowler This information would come as a shock to my former teammates who bowled with the Explorer Scouts in Mt Greenwood in the 70 s, because back then I was a HORRIBLE bowler I never got higher than a 40, and so I threw in the ball polishing towel and tried to go on with my life I was never again drawn to the sport bec

  7. Gary S Gary S says:

    I wish this book was available years ago Back when I was starting It takes a comprehensive approach, becomes detailed where necessary, explains the game sport, including holding the ball, where to aim, how to hook, releasing the ball, and your general attitude approach Not just for beginners I yellow highlighted areas I need to work on, to be reviewed and re rea

  8. Captain Crunch Captain Crunch says:

    Bowling Fundamentals Sport Fundamental Series I purchased this book Bowling Fundamentals and 2 DVD s The Right Approach To Bowling , and Beyond The Bowling Basics This book has the most information and best breakdown of bowling technique compared to the DVD s Ranking the 3 recourses above this book Bowing Fundamentals is excellent, the DVD The Right Approach To Bo

  9. Joe Joe says:

    Outstanding the book is excellent and fun to read.

  10. Renh. Renh. says:

    Very good for learn and improve your bowling game

  11. Skye Skye says:

    Got this for my husband to work on his technique, as he is a semi new bowler The pictures and descriptions in this book are very helpful Easy to look at and read, not overwhelming Would be great, too, if you have ever had your bowling technique video taped so you can compare what is ideal to what you are doing on the lane.

  12. B Jones B Jones says:

    This is a must read for anyone from the beginner to the 190 bowler looking to finally get over that 200 mark Even the 200 average bowlers will pick up several tips from this book Other similar books just name drop the top PBA pros endlessly While it is nice to know what they do, not many of us will ever throw the ball like Tommy Jones You will not find that in this bo

  13. Polymath Polymath says:

    When I first bought this book I was a fairly new bowler who struggled to break 100, after reading Michelle s book I now regularly bowl between a 130 150 and have even broken 200 a few times As a left handed bowler with a reverse hook it was difficult to find instruction that actually worked for me, but she offered it Her writing style can be a bit repeatitive at times,

  14. Big Dave Big Dave says:

    I havent bowled in a while and have just started back This book covered the all basic fundamentals It helped me to remember lots I had forgotten and correct some bad habits I would recommend for any one beginning or looking for points to improve average It is written easy to understand.

  15. Blossom7 Blossom7 says:

    Great book for beginners, it takes a while to understand but with practice it all comes together just like the book said Practice, practice and have fun all the time

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