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The Digital Health Revolution Healthcare Is Evolving And Our Smart Phones Are Driving That Disruption, Better Connecting Us With The Stakeholders Who Help Keep Us Happy And Healthy The Digital Health Revolution Is The Firstconsumerlook At How Digital Health Technologies Arehelping Uscollect, Analyze And Take Action On Our Personal Healthcare Data We Check In With Of Healthcares Top Thought Leaders To Capture And Share Their Insights Whether You Are Managing A Chronicalcondition Or Simply Striving To Stay Healthy, Plug In And Catch Up With The Innovators Driving Disruption And Delivering Better Value For Us All

5 thoughts on “The Digital Health Revolution

  1. dylia klatt dylia klatt says:

    Learned a lot from this book about the digital health frontier and how it affects everyday people Pereau offers a comprehensive roadmap of how technology is improving our access and usage of complex health systems with simple patient driven applications on personal devices like phones and tablets Includes keen insight

  2. wendy gatto wendy gatto says:

    This is a great read The author explains the incredible changes coming to disrupt the healthcare systems in the US I find most books like this either too technical and dense or too vague.This book is a great balance Very easy to understand, but the way he brings in 25 30 experts also gives a ton of real world details into the s

  3. Ricky Fishman Ricky Fishman says:

    Excellent overview of digital medicine Pereau is a seasoned professional who has been in this space from the beginning of this emergent field Combining his own experience with interviews with industry leaders, he provides a great overview of this medicine that has already arrived, whether we realize it or not Highly informative, well wri

  4. Susan Leslie Laub Susan Leslie Laub says:

    Honestly, before reading this book, I didn t even know enough about the relationship between technology and healthcare to buy a FitBit Pereau explains the ins and outs of digital health, written in language that is both interesting to read and easy to understand This is the future of tracking and improving our daily health, without breaking a swea

  5. Jeff Smith Jeff Smith says:

    I have a couple of friends with type II diabetes They had no idea you can now automatically send your glucose readings to a company like Omada Health who analyzes it and intervenes with coaching and helpful content when necessary What you can connect to using only your phone is amazing This book isn t about the healthcare industry, for the healthcare indust

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