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Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design This book was a chaning experience for me It altered how I looked at my city, my neighborhood, and stores The message here was really powerful I accendentally read this around the time I read Antifragile by Talib, the two over lap in the areas of the city and how to grow best This book is also a great primer for urban design, bike commuting, and civic involvement I think everyone should read it and I recommend it constantly. Honestly first third of this book was hard to read Too much philosophical questions I wish there were real life examples and research between history and philosophy pages.But the rest of the book makes up for it I was fascinated to read about how proper cities are done, and how such improvements bring life and new experience into citizens lives.Living in post USSR, I see a lot of examples of cities done wrong, not for people but for military parades So it was like a fresh air to read the thoughts I often had about problems that each one encounters in modern city life, and see these problems solved in communities around the world.I really hope author does not give up on this topic, and will bring us insight in how happy cities work and how they are built, hopefully with examples from real cities all over the world.Thank you for your hard work and good read, Charles. Has a specific philosophy toward urban design, and argues it well.I wish, though, that the author had provided diagrams, sample layouts, and detail specifications for readers who actually need to implement the recommendations. Great use of stories and narratives to promote understanding of how where we live affects our happiness and well being It gives a lot of potential topics to further research Recommended for anyone interested in how design and happiness are related Great for city planners and officials to read. An Illuminating Exploration Of The Urban World S Potential For Promoting Health And Happiness Chronicles The Author S Journey To Some Of The World S Most Exciting And Dysfunctional Cities While Drawing On The Insights Of Behavioral Economists And Urban Thinkers By The Award Winning Author Of The Shark God , First Printing

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