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Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin Alex Rider Will Soon Be A Star In His Very Own TV Series Alex Rider Is An Orphan Turned Teen Superspy Who S Saving The World One Mission At A Timefrom New York Timesbestselling Author Alex Riders Life Changed Forever With The Silent Pull Of A TriggerEvery Story Has A Beginning For Teen Secret Agent Alex Rider, That Beginning Occurred Prior To His First Case For MI, Known By The Code Name Stormbreaker By The Time Stormbreaker Forever Changed Alexs Life, His Uncle Had Been Murdered By The Assassin Yassen Gregorovich, Leaving Alex Orphaned And Craving Revenge Yet When Yassen Had A Clear Shot To Take Out Alex After He Foiled The Stormbreaker Plot, He Let Alex Live Why This Is Yassens Story A Journey Down The Darker Path Of EspionageLike A James Bond For Young Readers, International Bestseller Anthony Horowitz Delivers A Blockbuster Thrill RideFrom The Author Of Magpie Murdersand Moriarty Entusiasmante come sempre Non tradisce mai Ottimo libro da Svago. One night, only a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through the Alex Rider adventures on I have been a die hard fan for years, and I was interested in completing my collection Like many others, I m sure, I was sad when the series ended with Scorpia Rising.Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a section of the web page dedicated to Alex Rider Books 1 10 After looking around, I saw that, indeed, Anthony Horowitz had decided to return to the world of MI6, Scorpia, spies, gadgets and the rest of it with Russian Roulette The Story of an Assassin To say I was excited was an understatement I ordered a copy, sat back, and waited.Looking back, I wish I had done just a bit homework When the book arrived, I greedily tore it open and then stood staring in dismay Because it turned out Alex Rider, the fourteen year old super spy, wasn t coming back after all.The book was a prequel.Soon, I came around, and began to read.I got over being disappointed very quickly.RR opens up with a familiar face the face of Yassen Gregororvich, the assassin who terminated Ian Rider in Stormbreaker, which cast Alex into the spy world In the beginning of the story, Yassen receives orders from his employers Scorpia, one of the largest criminal bands in the world to kill Alex, to punish the boy for defeating Herod Sayle However, for the first time, Yassen is hesitant Because, as readers of the series know, Yassen was trained by John Rider, Alex s father But, there s a new element to his hesitation readers were not aware of in previous stories.Then begins the flashbackFourteen year old Yasha Gregororvich is set on a life changing journey when his childhood home is destroyed by a powerful criminal As Yasha grows into a man, he is bullied, mistreated, and must fight to survive, all the while being pulled into a world of evil and death he has no desire for, but won t let him go In the end, it will be the pull of a trigger, and not his own choice, which decides his fateAll in all, the book was very good, giving us a very different picture of the seemingly bloodthirsty killer from Strormbreaker and Eagle Strike Yassen feels as though he was never given a chance to be anything but an assassin, and, in sympathetic understanding, tries to give Alex the shot for freedom he never had in a cool rewriting of the last scene in Strombreaker, when Yassen kills Sayle.Next time they MI6 ask you to work for them , say no.However, the reason this is a four star is because of the gaping plot hole in the end.Spoiler alert.Now, there is a plot hole in this story, but I feel compelled to correct a mistake I made in an earlier review I falsely stated that Yassen felt no loyalty to John Rider after discovering he was an agent for MI6 I reread the book, however, and saw what I had, eh, skipped.Yes, Yassen does, as I just said, figure out his mentor, Hunter, John Rider, the father of Alex Rider, was sent to infiltrate Scoria The betrayal scars Yassen, and actually becomes the final domino in his journey as a killer.But Yassen did not reveal John to his superiors for two reasons one, John had saved his life Two, although he worked for them, Yassen hated Scorpia, and didn t care what happened to them.But that begs a new question, even as I correct my false claim When Yassen dies in Eagle Strike, why does he encourage Alex to work for Scorpia Why does he did he seem to have such respect for Alex s father He was a killer like me What Now Yassen is proud of himself But this is a very good story, and earns its place at the Alex Rider table Packed with emotion, action, and several cool cameos COUGH Mrs Rothman COUGH, it softens that soft spot left by Scorpia Rising And makes us hungrier for. This long awaited novel reveals the biography of Yassen Gregorovitch, the mysterious Russian assassin in the Alex Rider series Horowitz goes full on from the beginning, as Yassen s childhood home is a village called Estrov, which happens to exist next to a biological weaponry factory, in which his parents are somehow tangled up Then an accident occurs and the village is infected with anthrax, and the Russian government decides that obliterating the village with air to surface missiles is going to be easier than facing the media Yassen, who was known as Yasha back then, escapes From there the story is carried on to the Moscow gutters, billionaires summer houses, and Scorpia s training facility in Malastago The book fully explains Yassen s meeting with John Rider, Alex Rider, and Julia Rothman.The result is a high octane game of Russian roulette, highlighting Yassen s struggles with his conscious and his eventual evolution into a cold blooded murderer and his torment by the hands of Sharkovsky, a mafiaman who, quite literally, made him put up a revolver to his head.Recommended strongly if you read the Alex Rider series, even strongly if you haven t.Lots of guns, weapons, and blood.Perfect.VBG

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