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Crocodile Tears Alex Rider Will Soon Be A Star In His Very Own TV Series Alex Rider Is An Orphan Turned Teen Superspy Who S Saving The World One Mission At A Timefrom New York Timesbestselling Author A Charity Broker Con Artist Has Raised Millions Of Dollars In Donations, Only To Invest Them In A Form Of Genetically Modified Corn That Has The Power To Release An Airborne Strain Of Virus So Powerful It Can Knock Out An Entire Country In One Windy Day A Catastrophe So Far Reaching That It Would Raise Millions Of Dollars In Charitable Donations, All Of Which Would Be Embezzled By One Man The Antidote Alex Rider, Of Course, Who Survives Gunfire, Explosions, And Hand To Hand Combat With Mercenaries Just Another Day In The Life Of An Average KidFrom The Author Of Magpie Murdersand Moriarty 3rd book I had read in the Alex Rider series I like to keep up on what the kids are reading and when I had out books from the bookcart at the Phx Childrens Hospital I am often asked what the book is about, if it is good, what is the gendra I have the books for my own kids to read and I as an adult liked it Strong young hero Good values Worth the read. Crocodile Tears starts off when Alex Rider finds himself at a New Year s party with Sabina This is when he gets himself in trouble again He wins a Texas Hold Em game against millionaire Desmond McCain, already creating a bad start with the rich man.Alex soon finds himself working for MI6 once again, spun up into a heart racing story about the teenage spy I was eager to keep reading the book, finishing it in two days Any of you who seek action should definitely read this book. Fans of Alex Rider will be delighted to read another excellent espionage adventure As usual, Alex proves that he is remarkably resourceful and innovative in every crazy situation The book is off to a fast start with a seemingly innocent card game followed by a plunge into an icy Scottish Loch The action continues as MI6 gives Alex a simple assignment to complete while on a school trip to a genetic engineering plant Poisonous plants and ruthless villains are child s play for our illustrious spy As a result of his assignment, Alex is kidnapped by an outwardly, philanthropic scoundrel He s whisked off to a remote village in Africa and is in danger of being dinner for the crocodiles before he escapes from our villain s clutches and successfully foils his dastardly plot Horowitz writes with a voice that is understood and resonates with young adults I agree with Booklist that the Horowitz series is on top of this growing genre which features powerful teen spies that use their age as the ultimate smokescreen Alex Rider sets the bar high for other wannabe teen heroes The fast pace and interesting characters will keep readers enthralled in the latest adventure in this series.

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