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Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson A Collection Of Hilarious Comic Strips Focuses On Springfield Bad Boy Bart Simpson And The Other Kids From The Simpsons Universe, As Bart Continuously Defies Authority, Plays Truant From School, And Fights Crime In The Guise Of His Alter Ego Bartman Original

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  2. Adib Adib says:

    Great condition, good price, fast shiping, no complaints at all

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    Thank you

  4. mwreview mwreview says:

    Like the first Big Book of Bart, this bad book is made up of many shorter comics some as short as 4 pages Also like the first book, these comics are a lot childish than the other Simpsons Comics books Many of the punch lines are silly than funny Highlights include Bar

  5. jong chung jong chung says:

    Mwreview you are the biggest idiot i ve seen, quit waistin serious people s time too bad they let 13 17 year olds post on here bart simpson is superb the best out on the simpsons So don t pay attention to mwreview s idiotic post i love you sophisticated people who drop the f bomb

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