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Shoeless Joe The book that inspired the movie Field of DreamsThe voice of a baseball announcer tells the Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella If you build it, he will come He is Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ray s hero It is a baseball stadium which Ray carves out of his cornfieldLike the movie FIELD OF DREAMS that was made from this novel, SHOELESS JOE is about baseball But it s also about love and the power of dreams to make people come alive

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  1. Screeminjesus Screeminjesus says:

    I heard a story of when Salinger was approached by the studios about turning the book into a film They told him they felt a different title would be suitable They wanted to call it field of dreams Salinger explained that the publisher insisted on calling it shoeless Joe He d wanted to call it the dream field Spooky As for the book It s brilliantly written and the film remained pretty true to the book so don t expect any great rev

  2. Trevor Oliver Trevor Oliver says:

    I have always loved the Kevin Costner film and watch it whenever it is on TV, despite owning the DVD I loved the book and I can only describe it as unputdownable The film was so very much like the book I almost knew what was going to happen next Apart from a name change of the abducted author it was the film Usually I take the book and film as two separate entities as film moves away from the book Under the Dome a classic example F


    I really enjoyed this book I have watched the film Field if Dreams many times and as I the film was based on the book I knew it would be good Brought tears to my eyes in parts Excellent.

  4. Mrs. J. Curtis Mrs. J. Curtis says:

    I had to buy this book simply because Field of Dreams is one of my most favourite films I ve not had a chance to start it as yet but am definitely looking forward to doing so.

  5. lesley edmunds lesley edmunds says:

    Oh how I loved the film, my favourite of all time The book wonders off to descriptions of matches attended by the characters and that, for me, was little boring The inclusion of a twin brother was also a surprise and I felt unnecessary However the words my name s Archie Graham still sent shivers up my spine.

  6. Graham Graham says:

    having owned field of dreams on dvd for several years, the chance to buy shoeless Joe was to good to miss if your a fan of the film then this book is a must buy it thurther enhances the story that a 1 hour 40 min film cant possibly cover enjoy.

  7. Davinder Shinder Davinder Shinder says:

    Very much like the film but with some detail An enchanting vision and enchanting in its telling Read at a slow pace to get the real feel of will breath it in.

  8. Paul Paul says:

    I saw and enjoyed the film before I read the book Though not exactly the same store they are similar to each other and both have the same enjoyable tone If you enjoyed the film I think you will like the book

  9. Happy Lassie Happy Lassie says:

    As a huge fan of Field of Dreams I only wish I d read this book first even better than the film.

  10. Wes Wes says:

    Really cleverly written I don t know anything about baseball and didn t really need too.Not that kind of sports book Did he buy the farm

  11. alex alex says:

    Difficult to rate it arrived on time perfect book I have loved Field of dreams for years when I recently became aware.of book I had to read itSo far.i finding it difficult as it has many base ball reference which I don t understand..but perseverance is the name.of the game I

  12. margo margo says:

    I loved this book it is even better than the film Field of Dreams which was inspired by it I intend to pass it on to some of my friends.

  13. Mr. R. Oliver Mr. R. Oliver says:

    If you love the film this won t disappoint It does highlight differences to the film but both sit comfortably along side one another Loved it

  14. BoftheY BoftheY says:

    Make sure you research Salinger s alleged reaction to the book and the steps the film company then had to take to keep the lawyers away.

  15. D. A. Webster D. A. Webster says:

    Nice gentle book If you like the film, you will like the book.

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