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Playing With Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 2) Just When You Think You Ve Saved The World You Will Kill Her The Torment Asked Skulduggery Sagged Yes He Hesitated, Then Took His Gun From His Jacket I M Sorry, Valkyrie, He Said Softly Don T Talk To Me, Valkyrie Said Just Do What You Have To Do Valkyrie Parted Her Tunic, And Skulduggery Pointed The Gun At The Vest Beneath Please Forgive Me, Skulduggery Said, Then Aimed The Gun At The Girl And Pulled The TriggerWith Serpine Dead, The World Is Safe Once At Least, That S What Valkyrie And Skulduggery Think, Until The Notorious Baron Vengeous Makes A Bloody Escape From Prison, And Dead Bodies And Vampires Start Showing Up All Over Ireland With Baron Vengeous After The Deadly Armour Of Lord Vile, And Pretty Much Everyone Out To Kill Valkyrie, The Daring Detective Duo Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet But What If The Greatest Threat To Valkyrie Is Just A Little Closer To Home

5 thoughts on “Playing With Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 2)

  1. Charlotte Tesla Charlotte Tesla says:

    The second installment of the Skulduggery Pleasant series I found myself laughing with the characters It was witty, funny, and tense With these types of books they give you 50 pages to resolve everything and you re freaking out how they could possibly do it.The humor was the same, and maybe even funny than the last one The plot left me stressed for the characters If yo

  2. Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman says:

    My 14 year old has been too cool for anything other than pewdie pie and homestuck for over a year Her teacher had her read this for an assignment and she wouldn t put it down She asked if she could go TO THE LIBRARY for another of the series and I nearly had a heart attack I had to see what made this book interesting to her over harry potter or twilight and it really is en

  3. CWilli00 CWilli00 says:

    Playing with Fire was not quite as funny as the first book If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be, Extended fight scenes We meet several new enemies in this installment who have a new diabolical plan to bring back the Faceless Ones Fast paced, and action packed I hope there is another book soon Giant spiders yuck

  4. Icelandic wanderer Icelandic wanderer says:

    It s not Tolstoy, I will agree Yet, it s fun, and frankly, I feel the world might be a better place with a Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant in it I gave this book to my grandson he loved it He laughed and thought the adventure was marvelous.

  5. Pop Bop Pop Bop says:

    I am a great fan of the entire Skulduggery Pleasant series The dialogue is witty in a noirish sort of way, and well beyond what you usually encounter in books of this type aimed at this audience The characters are better developed, the plots are engaging, the action pieces flow well, and the overarching series story is satisfying There is an awful lot of violence and mayhem, but is c

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